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What are Business Systems?
What are business systems?

Collaboration Software

The tools needed to effectively organize your products, customers and team.
Why this is important:
Helps you to track all of the moving parts of your projects with others in a single place to cut down confusion. For example, you can use software to manage all of the steps, materials and deadlines for a building project.
Helps you to set up business email, organize meetings with your team and vendors and manage your documents like invoices, contracts and marketing materials.
Having a business email address is important for setting up business funding and bank accounts. It legitimizes your business.
Helps you add automation to client bookings, send meeting reminders and take payments for your time, to help cut down on no-shows or clients wasting your time.
- Business email, manage meetings (calendar), document creation, white board and storage.
- This software is a complete operating system for your business. Project management, lead management, expense/income tracking, customer relationship management (CRM), and business wikis for documenting processes and procedures.
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- Client scheduling for Zoom calls, phone calls, etc. with option for payment collection.

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