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What are Business Systems?
We created this document to be a blueprint for solopreneurs and business owners with small teams to get started with setting up their business systems and technology, including business email, websites, customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing software (EMS). This document will provide helpful information to get you started setting up your systems. We make software recommendations, and we may receive a small commission for some of those recommendations at no additional cost to you.
We broke down business systems into these 6 main categories, that go in sequential order to help you get started.
Business Systems - The policies, procedures and workflows you need to run your business, and the software that helps you organize and automate those three things.
Integration - The ability to connect software to each other and transfer information between systems.
Native Integration - When the ability to connect software is built-in, and you don’t need a coder or a 3rd party software to set up the connection.
Tech Stack - The collection of two or more software your business uses.

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