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Plan your next camping trip!

Plan your next camping trip!

The perfect doc to plan an adventure.
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A proper multi-day camping trip is a true joy, particularly in an era where we all spend our days staring at light bulbs. Multiple nights beneath the big skies and disconnected from life’s stresses is pure rejuvenation...

But any camper knows that a good trip can go awry because of poor planning. Sometimes the only thing between you and bliss is the bottle of bug spray you left on the counter.

A great camping trip has a great plan. And this doc is the perfect tool. Here you can:
Invite your team to join and participate.
Inventory your gear.
Build and save trip menus.
Plan a route.
Build a packing list.
Email or Print an overview.

Feel free to play around! Or, copy this doc and:
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Explore the doc with the existing data, then:
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Start planning!

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