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✨ What is this app for?

A new way to discover music collaboratively with your friends.

👨‍🔧 How does it work?

This app creates a musical game in which each person in the group has to add tracks to a collaborative Spotify playlist
At any given point in time, it is one person’s turn to add new tracks to the playlist. Right now, that person is
[ ]
[ ]
needs to add
tracks, based off the vibe of the last
tracks added to the playlist.
[ ]
is done adding her tracks, the next person in the
will get a text message prompting them to start their turn.

💪 How to use this app

To view the game order, or to change its settings, please visit
To add tracks to your favorites, go to
To learn about how we've been using this app, checkout
To add new users or update their phone numbers, go to

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