How Long Do The Best CBD Lotion For Pain Stay In Your System

One of the chief chemicals produced by the cannabis sativa plant is cannabidiol, or what is commonly known as CBD. Though the consumption of other cannabis extracts is yet to be made legal, CBD is often mixed with essential oils like hemp oil and used as a base for pain relieving creams and ointments. The manufacturers claim that the effect of the said creams is tremendous and can lower the ache within minutes.
The can stay in the system for a considerable period. Suppose you have been thinking about a cannabidiol-infused cream or lotion. In that case, you need to know about the side effects that might arise after applying the medicinal ointment.

What Factors Affect The Duration Of The CBD Lotion In The Human Body?

It’s not just the quality of the Cannabidiol lotion or the brand of the cream that is responsible for the CBD cream’s stay in the human system. There are several mother attributes that play a crucial role in the determining how the pain-relieving formula takes effect on your body.
The Quantity:
Anything, when used in the excess, can prove to be detrimental to the body. As you can already guess, the number one factor to consider here is the quantity of CBD cream you are using. Doctors usually specify the exact amount, but if you believe that using more than the prescribed quantity is a good idea, you will be wrong. The experts of ensure that you use the right amount for the best results.
The Frequency:
The next point to remember is the frequency of the application. Even if you use the cream in small doses, it could backfire if you use it too soon or before the specified durations. Cannabidiol can stay in the system and even build when used too frequently. This is why medical personnel highly suggest you take a one-week or more long trial period before you start to apply it regularly.
Your Physical Attributes:
Every human body is unique. From weight to height to the basal metabolic rates, each individual reacts differently to the same dosages depending on all these aspects. How long the CBD stays in your body is hugely dependent on these factors and can exhibit different outcomes. The Pain tolerance of the person in question also plays an important role here. Those with a higher pain tolerance require a lower doses. So naturally, the chances of the cannabinoid components lasting for long periods can often get reduced.
Eating Habits:
No matter which medicine you are taking, its effects are directly related to your eating habits. The type and quantity of food you intake daily and the number of times you consume food are essential factors too. Studies show that the CBD concentration in the blood is lower when fasting or ingesting very small quantities of food and is much higher on a full stomach.
The Form of CBD You Are Using
CBD comes in various forms. You could have it made with essential oils or you could use pills and tablets. Most pain relief CBD lotions use an oil base. The best CBD lotions for pain take much longer to enter into the human bloodstream as they are applied on skin. Similarly, they take longer to build and can stay for a considerable period.
You must consider all the above-mentioned points before going for this form of pain treatment. As of now, the only legal CBD product or lotion is Epidiolex. So do your research and go through the trial period before you can take the plunge!
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