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Team Meeting - Overview & Why Do It ?

The Meeting’s function is to communicate the near-term opportunities and challenges the business faces. It connects the sales team and the other business critical functions in a structured format.

0.1 Weekly Meeting Invites

The meeting is collaborative, anyone can add an Agenda Item. However, pre-work is critical to ensure everyone’s valuable time is respected. Please fill in the gaps in any columns/rows. In the BCI, BCNC and Henkel Administration columns the choice is a simple Yes/No Selection. For CMDC and SWTC experience the drop down options are pulled from the tables 0.21 CMDC Experience and 0.22 SWTC Experience.

NB MULTIPLE CHOICES are possible in some columns.
Weekly Meeting Attendees

The image below is a “button,” generally associated with a table, and undertakes a function, like adding a new row, for further input.

Add Attendee or Invite Someone


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