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Exercise on the values system

I choose a real person with whom I feel a strong bond of friendship and I describe them:
- Their qualities - Their characteristics - What makes them so special to me
Of the qualities described, I write the most important on a piece of paper. What makes me feel friendship for this person? And what qualities would immediately change my relationship with this person if they were absent?
Through this exercise, I have just brought out my value system. Friendship is the relationship in which a value system is best shared: what I value in a friend is what I value in absolute terms.
A shared value system naturally creates balance and stability in a relationship or group. My values not only reflect my talents, they also motivate and energise me.
Expressing my values makes me more sustainable both as an individual and as a member of a social group.
On the basis of this reflection, I select 4 items from the list as the best expression of the values that make up my frame of reference.
I then reflect on the impact of these values on the way I interact with others and the world:
- What initiatives or attitudes do I want to support? - What do I still refuse to do or support?
See you soon for the rest of the adventure!

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