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Moving Checklist and Tracker

How to use this template

My girlfriend and I recently moved in together. I built this Coda doc to help us organize to-dos and what items we needed to purchase for our new place.

Using this doc is very simple. There are a few components:
- plan and assign out tasks which need to be completed
- organize the items you have, plan the items you need to purchase, and track your budget.

Click ‘Copy Doc’ to start!

First, I’d recommend setting up the
table on the
page with the right rooms for your new place. You’ll use that table to link to items, so it’s important you have it right. Delete any rows you don’t need and add ones you do.

Then, do an inventory on all items you have already and which you don’t need to purchase. Add those items as rows in the

Now it’s time to add the items you want to purchase. You can easily add items you need to buy using the ‘Add item we need’ button on the
page. Don’t forget to add your budget for that item. Once you’ve purchased an item, mark it as ‘Have’ on the
and add the amount you spent on

You can easily add purchase options for each item using the ‘Add purchase option’ button on
. These get linked to an item that you need. For example, you’d add all the various carpet options, with links and pictures, if you needed to buy a rug. These ideas get stored in the

Don’t forget to share the doc with your future housemates!
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