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Manager onboarding guide template

Welcome aboard!

A free guide for managers to use for onboarding new employees
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<team member name>
! We are so happy you’re here.

Our goal will be to have you operating independently and interconnected with other teams across the company. You’re entering into a very cross-functional role, and it will pay to spend substantial time in your first few weeks starting to build relationships.

Reading this doc

There are a few pages to this doc:
- A list of important docs. Not exhaustive by any means!
- A checklist for starting to develop and deepen your relationships across the company.
- Brief history on your role at our company. We can chat through some of this live, too.
- Some ideas and starting points for your first projects. We will chat through much of this live over the first few weeks.
- How can we work together going forward? This page lays out a near-term timeline and talks about how we can establish some parameters for working with each other going forward.

Onboarding Remotely

I think it’s a particularly tough challenge to onboard to a company remotely. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if something isn’t making sense or if things are connecting the way you thought they might.

Broadly, I think there are a few areas that you can invest in these first few weeks to be the most effective remote teammate:
Meeting the team
Getting comfortable with company meetings, rituals, Slack banter
Tool + data fluency and familiarity
Understanding of current opportunities

Remember, I’m here to help unblock and add some clarity on any of these topics. If you’re ever feeling uncertain, please don’t hesitate to tell me.
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