Hiring Approval Management Template

How this doc works


This doc is made for people operations teams to manage headcount approval processes. The basic idea for the doc is that new headcount requests go through multiple steps:
General approval by People Ops team
Individual approvals from different folks within the company depending on department

To get started, click ‘Copy Doc’ to move the doc into your own Coda workspace. Some places you can go to customize the doc for your purposes are:
- Customize the escalation path for each department
- Customize the departments and levels

Doc Flow

Hiring managers submit requests for new headcount at
People Ops team verifies data and approves the request in
Headcount approvals stages are generated from the list in
depending on level and department
Individual approvers for each role are notified and the approval is created in
Individual approvers can see their open approvals needed in
Completed approvals flow through to
once all approvers have signed off
People Ops team notifies hiring managers of completed approvers by clicking the ‘Notify Hiring Manager’ button in the


Form to log a headcount request
Pops team can approves request and creates list of approvals
Auto-populate a set of approvers
List of approvers by department
Approvers changes by role
Approvers are ordered in the way they should approve
Next person in the approval change receives notification when their approval is needed

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