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Problems this doc solves

It can be difficult and time-consuming to try to manage work across multiple projects. For managers, this leads to navigating to multiple project pages to see remaining tasks, doing “back-of-the-napkin” math to get an idea of completion progress, and a bunch of other non-desirable workarounds. For individual contributors, there is a ton of navigation between tools and projects to see all of the tasks and responsibilities that are in their name. This doc looks to solve these problems by:
Creating clear dashboards of project progress for high level overviews of project timelines and work remaining. This doc can be come THE source of truth on how all projects are progressing.
Creating individual views for each user to aggregate all of their tasks across different projects. No more jumping across different tools, and project pages to see what you have to do.

How to use this doc

This doc creates views for each of the projects that a team might be working on - for this example these projects are
, and
. On each of these pages you can see a timeline, a visual (ex: bar or pie chart), and then a list of all of the tasks related to that project. All of these different pages are being run off of a table
located in the
page and utilizes filters and views to just show tasks related to that project.

You’ll also see a ✅ button in line with each task on in the tables on the project pages. This is not only used to mark the projects as complete which will seamlessly roll up to the bar charts, pie charts and time lines but it will also automatically notify those listed as a stakeholder that the task has been completed. Additionally there is an automation in the background that will remind the task owner that they have an overdue task, recognizing an overdue task as one where the due date is past today.

each user of the doc can see a view of tasks that is custom to them. This will pull from all of the projects and give each user a place to see all their tasks! They can then filter to see tasks from just one project or a subset, and even provides a graph of all their projects for an easy visual of workload!

Getting started with this doc

Once you’re ready to get started you can
Copy this doc
and then you can click the
Delete All Tasks
button and that will clear out all of the dummy tasks in the
table. You can then add all the proper items to
, and

After you’ve done all this you can begin adding tasks to
and getting the views that you want put in place on the project pages, and add additional project pages as needed.

Pro tip:
make sure that all the filters on the timelines, graphs, and task tables on the project pages are all working properly after you change the names of the projects.

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