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Dealing with sets kind of tricky, to the flavor of trying to “join” tables to match column values and then extract data from another table. Not sure if just me being new to Coda syntax or there could be simpler primitives for this.
(edit / follow up) I got a lot better at this as time went on. For some reason it took me a while to realize that lookups are actually bringing in the whole row, which is super useful, achieves the “join” I was looking for, and you can also just compare rows as objects v.s. entries within rows.
Would be nifty if “Cards” was a stock table you could import (something like a pack that just brings in a few readonly tables)
Image as button doesn’t really work (sizing is off, it shrinks image within button
), found this thread from
but embedding url to bypass sizing seemed too much of a hack
Would be helpful to have better support for functions over intermediate results, e.g. take the max of a filtered list across a given column but preserve the whole row otherwise. (This can be done via sort, first currently, it’s just clunkier and i assume less efficient)
Nit but also
would be nice (currently just did =
Count() > 0
Would be helpful to have formula open in sidebar and persisted, I frequently mess it up and have to redo a bunch of clicking to get back to where I was
Along these lines any formulas that are longer than 2 lines are a bear to read and edit, some richer text editor would be nifty here as well
Another strategy here could be to be able to write out formula/macro snippets and then fold these into formulas in other places
(edit / follow up) introducing line breaks in between function arguments is allowed and makes it a bit easier to read
(bug) GUI doesn’t seem to work to filter against a formula value (have to enter manually via formula - doesn’t register if type out formula under “is equals to”)
Conditionally being able to show/hide columns (in this case button column) would allow for better UI v.s. conditionally just disabling relevant buttons. It would also help improve coupling - I can hide at the view layer v.s. forcing internal components to understand another table that otherwise wouldn’t be relevant. Looks like I’m not the only one here either
Custom static constraints against tables, to enforce that there aren’t bugs in logic (similar to being able to write “unit tests”)
“Yes I’m Sure” button prompt, in case some action is potentially harmful and you want to avoid spurious / accidental pushes
Being able to name tables/views by formula would be nifty
Drawing all the cards properly is real awkward. In part it’s pretty hard to flow layout images in tables
And doesn’t evaluate lazily? Makes null handling kinda awk
(Bug) Show add row button (off) isn’t respected when there are 0 rows
Pretty sure this is a bug - contains against a set of rows from another table isn’t super happy (extracting suit member and comparing against this seems to work though
Would be helpful if views were treated as references to a table, e.g. you could delete the initial table but table would left around until all views were deleted
ReferencedBy is nice, but would be more useful if linked you to where exactly the reference was being consumed
Formulas standalone feel like second-class citizens v.s. tables. Which is fine, but clunky if you only care about 1 dimension (1 row) of variables.
Storing table.first() as a variable works reasonable well, albeit a bit awkward to duplicate the reference
isn’t automatically localized? (I’m EST it’s showing PST... it’s also possible my Coda is configured to the wrong timezone)
Was hoping to trigger automations based on table changes to have bots simulate play. Way too slow.
^ Compensating for this - hidden _Delay() function is nifty. Ended up using this to drive a loop essentially on the client instead
May want an “ignore failures” if some action fails but want to process rest of actions in
akin to exception handling
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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