Deploying Timezones into Production

Timezones is an application designed to make it easy to see when IRNs are scheduled for coordination and maintenance purposes. (NOTE: for route points to show up in this tool they must have IRN in their name).
When deploying from development to production there are several steps that must be taken.
.env File
Update DB_HOST to the IP address of the ShoreTel HQ server
Update DB_PORT to 4308
Update DB_USER to st_configread
Update DB_PASSWORD to passwordconfigread
Update DB_NAME to shoreware (note the all lowercase name)
config.js File
Update the address to the IP address of the production web host
Build new dockerfile image with new version number and version tag
Push the new docker image to
docker-compose.yml on production web host
Strip out the dev mysql section
Stip out the dependency on teh mysql server
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