What is ScienceWerx?

is a 501c(3) non-profit organization designed to accelerate the commercialization of technologies for the betterment of humankind? We have created an ecosystem to address the many issues of bringing products to market. This includes access to capital, technology transfer offices, groups of industry-trained professionals, the vast incubator system, and facilities explicitly designed with commercialization in mind.
plays a crucial role in accelerating the commercialization of technologies for societal benefits.

Why are we doing this?

There is a large disconnect between library science and ideation and commercialization and we are doing this to bridge the gap. We are doing this to bring life-saving products to humankind.
The motivation behind . It's clear that bridging the gap between library science and ideation and commercialization is a crucial objective for the organization. By doing so, ScienceWerx aims to bring life-saving products to humankind, emphasizing the importance of advancing scientific research and innovation for the betterment of society. This mission provides a strong foundation for seeking funding to support ScienceWerx's initiatives.


leveraging the enormous amount of intellectual property at federal and academic laboratories to solve real-world health and quality-of-life issues.
It's evident that aims to leverage the vast intellectual property present in federal and academic laboratories. By doing so, the organization seeks to address real-world health and quality-of-life issues. This vision highlights the potential for scientific advancements and technological innovations to make a tangible impact on society.


To bridge the gap between research and commercialization of health-related technologies.
It's clear that the organization's mission is to bridge the gap between research and the commercialization of health-related technologies. This mission underscores the importance of ensuring that promising scientific discoveries and innovations are successfully translated into practical applications that can improve healthcare outcomes and positively impact people's lives.


The Obsession with Details: ScienceWerx emphasizes attention to detail, recognizing its importance in the successful commercialization of technologies.
Curiosity: The organization values curiosity, encouraging exploration, and a continuous pursuit of knowledge and innovation.
Bias for Action: ScienceWerx embraces a bias for action, emphasizing the importance of taking proactive steps to drive progress and achieve results.
Ownership: The value of ownership reflects a sense of responsibility and accountability for the outcomes and impact of ScienceWerx's initiatives.
Altruism: ScienceWerx values altruism, highlighting the organization's commitment to making a positive difference in society and prioritizing the well-being of others.
Leverage Existing Investment: ScienceWerx recognizes the value of leveraging existing investments, maximizing resources, and building upon prior research and development efforts.
Bring Sound Technologies to Market Quickly: The organization is dedicated to expediting the process of bringing impactful and viable technologies to the market, emphasizing efficiency and speed.
Free Up Space on the IP "Shelf": ScienceWerx aims to free up valuable intellectual property resources, ensuring that more basic research can be conducted and supporting a continuous cycle of scientific exploration.
Create an "Ecosystem" for Educated Investors: ScienceWerx strives to establish an ecosystem that facilitates the involvement of educated investors in complex technologies, promoting collaboration, and fostering support for innovative projects.

Leveraging Scientific Discovery for the betterment of humankind.

Bridging the gap between research and the commercialization of science-related technologies and leveraging the enormous amount of intellectual property at federal and academic laboratories to solve real-world health and quality-of-life issues.
commitment to driving innovation, advancing healthcare solutions, and making a positive impact on society. By emphasizing the potential benefits of translating scientific discoveries into tangible applications.

Back up your ideas with communities!

Building a community of backers who believe in science and lined up as solid base supporters excited to invest in your Idea via Crowdfunding and much more!
Engaging the "Believe in Science" Community: ScienceWerx recognizes the importance of fostering a community of individuals who share a passion for scientific progress and its potential to improve society. By actively engaging this community, ScienceWerx can tap into a network of like-minded individuals who are excited to support and invest in science-related initiatives.
Crowdfunding as a Platform: Crowdfunding platforms provide an excellent opportunity to connect with the "Believe in Science" community and raise funds. ScienceWerx can leverage the enthusiasm and support of backers who believe in the organization's mission and vision. Crowdfunding campaigns can not only generate financial contributions but also help spread awareness about ScienceWerx's work and attract potential long-term supporters.
Collaboration and Partnerships: Building a "Believe in Science" community can also lead to valuable collaborations and partnerships. ScienceWerx can seek alliances with organizations, foundations, and institutions that share the same commitment to scientific advancements and their practical application. Such partnerships can unlock additional funding opportunities and provide access to resources and expertise to further ScienceWerx's mission.
Outreach and Education: Alongside fundraising efforts, ScienceWerx can use its platform to educate and inspire the "Believe in Science" community. By sharing success stories, scientific breakthroughs, and the potential impact of technology commercialization, ScienceWerx can foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the importance of supporting scientific innovation.

It may be tough to know where to turn when you're having trouble finding funding for your business ideas.

It may be tough to know where to turn when you're having trouble finding funding for your business ideas. Banks are frequently hesitant to give start-up capital, friends and family may not realize the true problem that your idea would solve, and angel investors are ready to take a large stake in your company.
Grants and Government Programs: Research and explore grants and government programs that are specifically designed to support startups and innovative ideas. These funding opportunities may be available at local, regional, or national levels and can provide crucial financial support without equity or repayment requirements.
A Robust Business Ecosystem: ScienceWerx provides shared labs, scientific equipment, and on-hand business junior analyst programs into NewCos with educational institutions, providing access to IPCV funding, industrial business Ex-pats, over 100 board of advisors bringing a Rolodex of networking, and resources. Building rocket ship startups.
Crowdfunding: ScienceWerx leveraging its own crowdfunding platform to raise funds from a wide range of individuals who are interested in supporting innovative projects. Crowdfunding allows you to showcase your idea, engage with potential backers, and receive contributions in exchange for perks or early access to your product or service.
Industry-Specific Investors: Look for early-stage investors or believers that specialize in your industry or sector. They are more likely to understand the value and potential of your idea, making them potentially more receptive to investing in your business.
Strategic Partnerships: Explore the possibility of forming strategic partnerships with companies or organizations that have a vested interest in your industry or problem area. These partnerships can bring financial support, resources, and expertise, while also helping to validate your idea and attract further funding opportunities.

What if you had a community of experts and scientists who believed in your idea and knew its science?

With that kind of support, you can find 100 community members who are prepared to put up ten thousand dollars and assist you. Is much simpler than running everywhere to find one investor for $1 Million! getting your company off the ground would be a lot easier.
Having a community of experts and scientists who believe in your idea and understand its scientific aspects can be incredibly valuable. Such a community can provide not only financial support but also expertise, guidance, and validation for your business idea. Here's how this kind of support can simplify the process of getting your company off the ground:
Expertise and Validation: When you have a community of experts and scientists who believe in your idea, their support serves as a form of validation. Their understanding of the science behind your idea can help build credibility and attract further interest from investors and potential partners.
Financial Support: If you can gather 100 community members willing to contribute $10,000 each, you can quickly accumulate $1 million in funding. This approach can be more straightforward than seeking a single investor for the entire amount. Additionally, these community members may also provide ongoing support, mentorship, and networking opportunities.
Collaborative Problem-Solving: With a community of experts, you can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience. This community can offer insights, ideas, and solutions to challenges you may encounter along the way. Collaborative problem-solving can help overcome obstacles and accelerate the growth of your company.
Network Expansion: Your community of experts and scientists can act as a valuable network, connecting you to additional resources, potential customers, strategic partners, and even more funding opportunities. Leveraging their networks and connections can open doors that may not have been accessible otherwise.
Long-Term Engagement: Unlike a single investor, a community of supporters is likely to be more engaged and committed to the success of your company. They have a vested interest in seeing your idea thrive and may actively contribute their expertise, time, and resources to help you navigate challenges and seize opportunities.
Building a community of experts and scientists who believe in your idea and its scientific foundations can indeed make the process of getting your company off the ground much more manageable. It not only provides financial support but also creates a strong network of supporters who are aligned with your vision and can contribute to your overall success.

We Believe in YOU!

That's where we come in. We provide a platform for supporters who believe in and are experts in your field and are eager to invest in your project through crowdfunding. They're referred to as "Believe in Science" You'll be able to focus on what you do best while we take care of the worrying.
The community. Providing a platform that connects supporters who are experts in your field and eager to invest in your project through crowdfunding can be immensely valuable. Here's how such a platform can assist you:
Targeted Support: The "Believe in Science" community brings together individuals who have expertise in your specific field. This targeted support ensures that the backers not only believe in your project but also possess the knowledge and understanding to appreciate its scientific value.
Crowdfunding Simplified: By utilizing a crowdfunding model, the platform streamlines the process of raising funds. It allows you to focus on your core strengths, such as developing and advancing your project, while the platform takes care of managing the crowdfunding campaign, handling financial transactions, and engaging with the community.
Amplified Exposure: The platform provides a channel to showcase your project to a wider audience of experts and science enthusiasts who are specifically interested in supporting scientific innovations. This exposure can attract attention, generate buzz, and increase the visibility of your project within the scientific community.
Community Engagement: The "Believe in Science" platform fosters community engagement by facilitating interactions and discussions among supporters and project creators. This engagement can lead to valuable feedback, collaborations, and mentorship opportunities, further enhancing the success of your project.
Worry-Free Management: With the platform handling the logistical aspects of crowdfunding, you can focus on what you do best—advancing your project. The platform's support relieves you of the worries associated with managing the crowdfunding campaign, allowing you to dedicate your energy and expertise to the scientific and technical aspects of your work.
By leveraging the "Believe in Science" community and their crowdfunding platform, you can benefit from a supportive network of experts who not only believe in your project but are also eager to contribute financially. This collaborative approach empowers you to concentrate on your strengths while providing a platform to rally support, gain exposure, and propel your project forward.

is the funnel for the ecosystem.

The role of ScienceWerx as the funnel for the ecosystem. As a central entity, ScienceWerx plays a vital role in connecting various stakeholders within the ecosystem of scientific innovation and commercialization. Here are some key points to highlight:
Coordinating the Ecosystem: ScienceWerx serves as the coordinating entity that brings together researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, and other relevant stakeholders. By serving as the funnel, ScienceWerx ensures that the different components of the ecosystem work together seamlessly to advance scientific discoveries toward commercialization.
Technology Transfer: ScienceWerx facilitates the transfer of technologies from federal and academic laboratories to the commercial sector. It acts as a bridge, facilitating the transition of promising ideas and intellectual property into practical applications that can benefit society.
Access to Resources: Through its network and partnerships, ScienceWerx provides access to a range of resources that support the commercialization process. This may include funding opportunities, mentorship, expertise, infrastructure, and business development support. By tapping into these resources, ScienceWerx enables innovators to navigate the complex path from research to market.
Incubation and Acceleration: ScienceWerx may offer incubation and acceleration programs that provide a nurturing environment for startups and early-stage ventures. These programs offer guidance, mentorship, and access to facilities, helping entrepreneurs develop their ideas into viable businesses.
Investor Engagement: ScienceWerx actively engages with investors who are interested in supporting scientific innovation and commercialization. By cultivating relationships with educated investors, ScienceWerx creates opportunities for funding and collaboration, connecting them with promising projects within the ecosystem.
Collaboration and Networking: ScienceWerx fosters collaboration and networking among ecosystem participants. By facilitating connections and knowledge sharing, ScienceWerx creates synergies that accelerate the commercialization process and enable the exchange of ideas and best practices.
This emphasizes how ScienceWerx serves as the pivotal entity within the ecosystem, orchestrating the flow of ideas, resources, and collaboration to maximize the impact of scientific innovation. This highlights the organization's integral role in bridging the gap between research and commercialization and underscores the value it brings to the ecosystem as a whole.

The three core purposes of can be summarized as follows:

Attention: ScienceWerx aims to capture the attention of the scientific community by providing valuable information content. Rather than being a media company, ScienceWerx consolidates and curates scientific information from various sources into an easily accessible platform. The content includes "calls to action" and "invitations to learn more," which direct community members to participate in Believe in Bio and other related initiatives.
ScienceWerx Engagement Channels:
(a) Crowdfunding: ScienceWerx directs interested individuals to a crowdfunding portal that is compliant with Regulation CF and Regulation A+. This portal serves as a platform for investing in science startups. Investors, including those who come in as accredited investors or through VC/PE/Family Offices, can participate either directly or through a "sidecar" arrangement.
(b) Intellectual Capital: ScienceWerx seeks to identify and incubate intellectual property (IP) and ideation from universities and colleges. This involves scraping data from pre-publications, publications, and university-specific journals to identify potential startup opportunities. The focus is on identifying students or researchers (particularly those who may be ex-pats) interested in becoming entrepreneurs.
(c) Labor: ScienceWerx facilitates the connection between individuals interested in working for science startups and the startup teams themselves. Community members who express interest in the highlighted startups can submit their information and qualifications for review and potential placement. This process also serves as a means to identify highly qualified advisors and board members for startups.
Automation: ScienceWerx aims to go beyond simple email sign-ups for updates. The platform encourages community members to create comprehensive profiles. An option is provided for members to connect their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, allowing ScienceWerx to auto-generate information for their profiles. This information can be further verified through an invitation to confirm accuracy.
Additionally, ScienceWerx explores the possibility of automating evaluations of people's ideas or technologies. The system would collect specific information and generate a range of potential values (for educational purposes only). This encourages individuals to reach out to ScienceWerx to learn more about their idea or technology.
These core purposes can be elaborated upon to demonstrate how ScienceWerx combines attention-grabbing content, targeted engagement channels, and automation to create a dynamic ecosystem that connects investors, intellectual capital, labor, and valuable resources for the advancement of scientific innovation and entrepreneurship.
operates with a unique business model that aims to connect the dots between intellectual property (IP), entrepreneurs, the Department of Defense (DoD), and profitable biotech businesses. By commercializing soon-to-expire biotech patents developed by the DoD, ScienceWerx creates companies that bring these technologies to market for the benefit of humanity. Here's how ScienceWerx turns a profit:
Identify valuable patents: ScienceWerx identifies biotech, Cyber Security, AI, and Space Science patents that are nearing expiration and have been funded by the DoD. These patents are essential in combating emerging bio-threats in the United States and its allies.
License the patent: ScienceWerx obtains licenses for these patents from the DoD for a nominal fee of $1.
Build a company: ScienceWerx forms a new company around the licensed patent. The patent owner is often retained as the founder of the "NewCo," while ScienceWerx maintains a share of 30%-49% in the newly formed entity.
Funding through DoD grants: ScienceWerx applies for grants ranging from $10 million to $50 million from the DoD to support the commercialization of the biotech IP. These grants provide the necessary funds to bring the technology to market.
Revenue generation: The products developed based on the licensed patents are sold back to the DoD and its allies. ScienceWerx operates with a profit margin of 7.5% on these sales.
business model is designed to fill a gap that big pharmaceutical companies cannot address. With a 7.5% profit margin, it is not financially viable for them to commercialize even free IP. However, ScienceWerx, as a nimble and lean 501c3 non-profit organization, maximizes DoD funding by efficiently converting proven IP into real-world products.
The problem that ScienceWerx solves is the commercialization of proven IP for the betterment of humanity. By leveraging the vast aquifers of IP available in federal labs and college tech transfer labs, ScienceWerx creates companies or accelerates the commercialization plans of existing companies.
As an example, can take an untapped DoD patent, such as one for Cat's Scratch Fever, a health issue prevalent in South America and among warfighters. ScienceWerx can manufacture the product under a commercial label and sell it back to the DoD, affected countries, and allies. The market size for Cat's Scratch Fever is significant, with a target of 10% of the total population of South America, resulting in potential revenue of $2.31 billion over five years. Additionally, with the spread of the disease expected to increase due to global warming and climate change, the market size may further expand.
establishes new companies by sourcing the expertise required for each specific patent. This involves engaging the principal investigators (PIs) involved in creating the patent or other scientists familiar with the technology. ScienceWerx has partnerships with headhunters to facilitate this process. The aim is to own at least 30% of the NewCo, with a goal of a 3 to 5-year exit strategy by selling the NewCo to established pharmaceutical or medical companies like GSK, Pfizer, or Merck, which have established processes for acquiring products and companies.
is aware of numerous untapped patents in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan region, with over 400 patents sitting on shelves across various entities. For example, Maryland-funded DefTech has already triaged several patents, and ScienceWerx has identified a dozen patents waiting to be commercialized. In cases where patents are closely related, they may be integrated into the same NewCo to maximize their potential.
Overall, ScienceWerx's approach involves

Funding the Future: Bridging the Gap, Empowering Innovators, and Leveraging R&D Spending

The need for funding innovation has reached unprecedented levels, and ScienceWerx is acutely aware of the funding challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs on their path from scientific discovery to commercial success. As government spending on research and development (R&D) surpasses $150 billion annually, the potential for groundbreaking advancements is vast. However, traditional funding models often fall short of connecting scientific breakthroughs with successful commercialization, leaving a significant gap to be addressed. This disparity becomes evident when considering the limited availability of pre-seeding funding, which represents only a fraction of the overall R&D budget.
ScienceWerx is committed to closing this funding gap by actively seeking pre-seeding opportunities for startups and independent researchers. We recognize that securing the right grant funding budgets is crucial for validating projects and ensuring future valuation. By leveraging our expertise in business design and understanding market needs, we empower innovators to reverse-engineer their research, align it with market demands, and increase the likelihood of success. This strategic approach not only enhances the potential for securing pre-seeding funding but also paves the way for future grants with larger budgets, benefiting both educational and private research institutions.
Furthermore, ScienceWerx understands the immense potential of government R&D spending and actively explores ways to leverage these resources. With an average annual spending of over $150 billion, government-funded research presents a significant opportunity for innovation. By forging partnerships with funding institutions and stakeholders such as family offices, banks, and crowdfunding entities, ScienceWerx amplifies the available funding pool for pre-seeding. We understand that collaboration and strategic alliances are key to maximizing support for early-stage startups. Additionally, ScienceWerx actively seeks out government grants, including programs like the Army's Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), which offers up to $2 billion in non-dilutive funding. By harnessing these diverse funding sources, ScienceWerx ensures that promising entrepreneurs have access to the financial resources they need to bring their visions to life.
Our unwavering belief is that by addressing the funding disparity and providing robust pre-seeding opportunities, we can significantly improve the success rate of startups. ScienceWerx serves as a catalyst for innovation, job creation, and economic growth in the scientific and entrepreneurial communities. By narrowing the funding gap and increasing access to resources, we empower aspiring entrepreneurs and independent researchers to turn their scientific brilliance into tangible solutions that shape the future. Through strategic partnerships and a strong network of investors and funding institutions, ScienceWerx bridges the gap between science and commercialization, fueling the transformation of startups into successful NewCos (startups). Together, we can drive innovation, create net-worth jobs, generate tax-paying revenue streams, and pave the way for a brighter future

Funding Structure: Fueling the Innovation Engine

ScienceWerx operates on a dynamic funding structure that fuels the innovation engine and ensures the success of its mission. By securing various sources of funding, ScienceWerx maintains its operational capabilities and supports the commercialization of groundbreaking research and intellectual property. The funding structure comprises three key components:
a) Operational Funding: ScienceWerx secures evergreen operational funding from state-level, county, and federal entities such as the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Energy. This funding ensures the continuous operation of ScienceWerx, allowing it to identify, assess, and engage with valuable intellectual property and research.
b) IP Commercialization Validation Fund: To validate the commercial viability of promising patents and research, ScienceWerx accesses grants for research and development (R&D). This validation fund plays a crucial role in demonstrating the market potential of discoveries, building a robust patent strategy, and attracting licensing opportunities. By maximizing the return on R&D government funding through commercialization, one of ScienceWerx's missions to create net-worth jobs generates tax-paying revenue streams and fuels economic growth at the federal, state, and county levels.
c) Pre-Seeding Funding: ScienceWerx recognizes the critical need for pre-seeding funding to support the initial stages of startup development. Through strategic partnerships with family offices, banks, and crowdfunding entities, ScienceWerx ensures that aspiring entrepreneurs have access to the necessary resources for launching their ventures. Additionally, ScienceWerx taps into government grants, such as the Army's Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), which offers substantial non-diluted funding opportunities of up to $2 billion. By combining these funding sources, ScienceWerx empowers startups to navigate the challenging early stages, significantly reducing the failure rate and increasing their chances of success.

Conclusion: Empowering Innovation through Sustainable Funding

ScienceWerx's funding structure serves as the lifeblood of its mission, enabling the organization to connect the dots between scientific brilliance, entrepreneurship, and commercial success. With evergreen operational funding, a validation fund for IP commercialization, and pre-seeding funding for startups, ScienceWerx creates an ecosystem that supports and accelerates the transformation of research and intellectual property into viable and impactful ventures. By leveraging diverse funding sources and partnerships, ScienceWerx paves the way for a future where innovation thrives, entrepreneurs flourish, and the boundaries of what's possible are continuously pushed.
Join on this extraordinary journey as we shape the future of entrepreneurship, fuel scientific breakthroughs, and drive positive change for the betterment of humanity. Together, we can unlock the full potential of intellectual property, bridge the gap between science and commercialization, and empower the entrepreneurs who will shape the world of tomorrow.

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