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Area and team updates

A collection of project updates at the team and area levels
Every week, we ask teams to write short updates about their ongoing project work. This process often takes 5-15 minutes and helps keep the whole organization up-to-date.
Those updates are populated here — in a section that serves two purposes:
It gives each team their own page. Teams keep an update list of projects and progress on their own team page. This lets team members have one source of truth about what their team is working on, and managers can see all updates automatically, without needing a meeting.
Team pages map to areas, giving an overview of the organization. This section of our doc maps all of our teams (cross-functional group), by putting them in areas (group of teams). This way, anyone interested in team- or area-level updates can come to one place to find them.

Adding a new team or area? Go to to make the change, and then copy one of the and you’re ready to go!

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