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Plato Partnership Opportunity

Context 📖

We at Plato have created several marketing initiatives in order to foster and provide value to our community. We’ve only relied on direct communication with our community members to get the word out about these initiatives, and we’re now exploring community partnerships to make these even better.
Our main program, and the one we’re looking for partners for, is our series of Engineering Q&As. Every two weeks, our community has the opportunity to listen to a high-level engineering leader talk about a topic they feel strongly about and then ask questions to that speaker, which then get answered live.

More about Engineering Q&As 📺

Past sessions

Surabhi Gupta, SVP, Engineering at Robinhood
Navigating and building through uncertainty
Ian Nowland, SVP Core Engineering at Datadog
Think Big But Not Too Big, Learnings From Datadog and AWS.
Sagnik Nandy, CTO & President of Technology at Okta
Doing More with Less
Kris Rasmussen, Chief Technology Officer at Figma
Quality Anti-Patterns: How Figma does things differently
Michael Manapat, Head of Engineering at Notion
Optimal Efficiency, How Notion leverages EPD collaboration
Tamar Bercovici, VP of Engineering at Box
What It Takes to Stay, Insights into long-term career success
Oliver Heckmann, Head Of Engineering at Coda
Rituals for High Performance, Blueprints for Engineering Teams to Excel
Eric Johnson, Former CTO & Linux Foundation Board Member at Gitlab Inc
Counterintuitive Solutions to Common Problems, transparency, predictability, culture & communication
Shadi Rostami, Senior/Executive VP of Engineering at Amplitude
Outcome-Driven Efficiency: Maximizing Business Impact Through Customer Centricity
Japjit Tulsi, CTO at Matterport
Navigating the AI Shift: Essential Adaptations for Modern Engineers
Jeremy Rishel, CTO at SoFi
Operational Excellence in a High Trust, High Regulation Environment
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Our Engineering Q&A series audience is a good representation of the overall Plato community, where about half of the registrants are managers of managers (Directors, Heads, VPs, CXO, etc.), a quarter are ICs (SWE, Principal Engineers, etc.) and a quarter is managers (EMs, Team Leads, etc.).
We see an average of 317 RSVPs per Q&A, and about a third of these people will tune in live to watch the event and ask questions to the speakers.
Our Q&A also has an extended tail distribution where the recordings are published on our and our podcast and usually get upward of 400 views/plays in the following twenty days after they’ve been uploaded.
For a more comprehensive view, for one of our recent Q&As with company names and job titles.

Basic framework for a partnership 🤝

We’re hoping to get the word out about these Q&As by working with partners we trust and who have a similar audience in a way that would benefit both parties.
We work together to find a date, speaker and topic that related to both our audiences, potentially integrating topics that are key to your product
We name you in all outgoing communications promoting this specific Q&A
We remind attendees that this session is brought to them by Plato and yourself in the introductory pitch
We name you again in the follow up email and include a CTA to a specific page or product, with a tagline of your choice
We’re not looking for paid sponsorship, instead we’d both agree to promote the event to our respective communities and both agree to bring 50% of the RSVPs. We can easily get 200 people to register for any of our Q&As and we’d expect you to bring 100 to 200 people as well.
We hope to work with you in the near future! For any questions please reach out to Baptiste at 📧

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