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Celsius Chapter 11 - Ressource for creditors

Retail Clawback Protection

Those of us who withdrew funds from Celsius during the 90 days prior to the July 13 2022 petition date are potentially subject to a 547 avoidance action, more commonly referred to as a claw back.
Our purpose is to leverage the Chapter 11 bankruptcy code Section 546(e) Safe Harbor defence and Section 547(c)(2)(b) Ordinary Business Terms to protect against the possibility that Celsius, the UCC or a liquidation trustee decides to bring such avoidance action against us.
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@Nov 7, 2022
Why join the representation
Pooling our resources and hiring a competent law firm capable of representing our collective interests maximizes our chances for success and ensures the cost of legal representation is equitable for everyone involved.
Organizing now and acting early gives us the opportunity to set precedent in our favor before the Debtor, the UCC or a liqudiation trustee starts litigating against individual Celsius depositors in an effort to set precedent of their own.
A successful ruling not only benefits those of us involved but may also benefit the broader crypto community if and when they’re faced with similar circumstances. Note, these are the same protections that traditional finance investors have currently.
Peace of mind and confidence stems from knowing we are united behind a common cause, with intentions of hiring competent lawyers with relevant experience fighting on our behalf. Promoting this state of mind, especially for those of us who are truly struggling, is invaluable.
Survey for support of Phase II : Preferences Defences
Completing this survey is step # 1 in moving towards our funding goal. We are proposing a minimum contribution of $1000 USD and highly recommend 1% or more of your net exposure.
Those of you who fill out the survey AND decide to pledge a contribution will be invited to an up coming call with Deb Kovsky @ Troutman Pepper. Not only will she provide important context and details about the path forward but she will also make time to answer your questions. The goal is to schedule a series of calls in order to give everyone fair and equitable access to Deb over the coming weeks and months.
We cannot stress enough the importance that you complete the survey as soon as possible and carefully consider how much you are willing and able to contribute. Everyone’s financial situation is different and the decisions around whether to contribute, or how much you choose to contribute, are 100% yours to make.
Massive thanks to aka Chris Jenkins for pulling this survey together in record time.
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