Media Tracker

mp3 player enhanced by the time tracker.

Basic functionality

Listening any audio track the app creates a new record=(<Track Name>, <time position>) every X seconds and keeps it in a temporary store. The data can be exported by demand.

Functional requirements

Upload/remove mp3 files in the simplest way
Play/pause, jump forward/back on Y seconds, volume
Persistent storage of the last payed track and the time position
List of audio tracks (with a mark on the currently playing)
Amount of time for the current track - done+left. Total time - done+left (in the simplest way)
Settings. 1) Frequency of tracking(creating the records described above) as number input
Settings. 2) Length of the jump(in seconds) as number input
Settings. 3) HTTP endpoint as sting (for export)
Export. Send
{ pointers: [{ track, timestamp }] }
if response status = 200 ⤇ clean the tmp store

Non functional requirements

Control buttons when the display is turned off
Average size of the mp3 files - 25MB. MAX - 500MB
Average size for the mp3 store - 1GB. MAX - 8GB
Average size for the temporary store - 1MB. MAX - 10MB


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