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As you have questions, add them to the syllabus doc

Step 1: Choose your Project

You have four options:
Build for a problem you want to solve
Build to solve a problem for someone else
Rebuild an existing in Coda (e.g. Lattice, Range, Asana, Salesforce, etc.)
Build for one of the use cases listed here:
Project Manager
Way to track project for team of 4 from ideation to execution
High School Economics Teacher
Lesson Plan for teaching basic personal budgeting
Way to track meeting decisions and keep the team on track during meetings.
Warehouse Lead
Inventory management system that shows what’s in stock, what’s sold, and issues.
A game they can play with friends.
There are no rows in this table

Step 2: Design your Doc

Now that you have decided which project you will be working on, it’s time to design your doc.
Start with the Database Design
What data do you need to track?
Tasks and sub tasks, just like ms project, easy to edit and fill.
Dates of tasks, auto programing but also limit dates to parent start and user selected limits
Costs will not be considered
Tasks dependencies
How is that data interconnected?
One big table should be better to handle, just like in ms project
Data can be connected with formulas and filters
What schema would be most effective?
One big table
Then, focus on the User Experience
What do people need to do?
Add tasks and subtasks,
program times and limits,
auto programing considering times and limits
add notes and comments to tasks
Add members to tasks
Remember to members and project managers about in progress tasks, missing tasks and weekly summary of incomming dates and project timeline
What will the flows be?
Flow should be mainly about tasks and their times
User should be able to easily change dates and move tasks to upper levels or lower levels
Now, focus on the User Interface
What should it look like?
Like a simple table to add tasks
Some summary sections
Some usefull buttons
How should it feel?
As easy as project to add tasks, sub tasks, auto program dates and use limit dates
What makes it delightful?
Automate summaries, reports, emails
Coda doesn’t have this already
Finally, create a diagram, flowchart, visual, or other representation to outline your plan.
Pro Tip: Find a tool for design
- Use an app like or
for awesome flowcharts.
- If you want a word-based outline, no better place than a Coda Doc
- Create a “Scratch” page in your doc to put your outline.
- Lastly, you can never go wrong with the analog approach: pencil and paper.

Step 3: Build your Doc

The time has come to build your doc! Don’t worry about getting it exactly right, just use your design from ‘Step 2’ to build out a good draft.
Here are some questions to ask yourself as you build your doc:
Is the
you originally designed for the most effective for your doc?
Are you building it for
? Will it work as well in the future as it does now?
Are your
delightful? How will interactions differ
based on user
(Admin, Read-Only, Interact-Only)?
How would
make your doc better?
Have you turned that
Ugly Doc-ling
into a swan?
Is your doc
mobile ready
Capstone Doc Checklist
Intro Page
Intro Video/Write-up of what the doc is for and how to use it
Style Guide
Is your font consistent throughout the doc (all serif or all san-serif)?
Do your header images match?
A brief write-up/video explains the choices you made, including:
Why the doc?
Why the schema?
How does it solve the problem?
Overview of the Database Layer
Overview of the Interaction Layer
Overview of the Presentation Layer

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.