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Read intro for an overview of how this project tasks manager works

Quick Overview

📈This doc is created for you to be able to quickly move from MS Project to manage tasks and timelines with auto programming (workdays, coda style: Mon-Fri and still without control of real start or end dates).
You will be able to work easily and understand what's going out with dates and tasks, move tasks like in project and easily indent them to make them sub tasks, even add notes and files on:
Doc will also be able to automatically notify a summary weekly and also assign members to tasks and notify them about changes and overdues. (Pending, but easily doable)
To modify how dates are calculated you can change time needed and limit start and end dates on:

How to add tasks

The best project like way to do it is to click row + button or new row at botton at :

Reorganize tasks

Just hold click on left row number to move them around, that will change parent task in any view
To convert it to sub tasks or promote to parent task click on

Programming your project

Check your times on and add limit dates to automatically calculate your project and tasks start and end dates. You can also, open rows and click “Set” button to do it for one task.

Manage all the tasks, click edit to change things and notes, click on end or reopen to change task state, this will register or clear “real end date”.

Quick tips

Group / Un-group tasks with the +/- button, it will also tell you how many subtasks are for that task.
Add holidays if you need it.
Check .
Row colors identify task hierarchy.
Check overdue and completed tasks formats.
Establish predecessors to auto-move tasks on time based on predecessors ending dates.
Change between workdays or not for duration on:
This doc is recommended for small to medium projects, more complex and dynamic projects will require different methodology and classification

Play with it!

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