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Avifair: Cheesetown
Avifair: Cheesetown

1/11 Cheesetown Coming Soon!

Who's Ready for Some Chee33se!! :cheese::eyes::cheese:
Exciting news! We're changing the server from "VRChat Avifair" to "Avifair: Cheesetown."
## Why? Our next art direction is Cheesetown. Avifair: Cheesetown means more than just events. It's a place for year-round creativity and fun!
## Why "Cheesetown"? Cheese is delicious, blends well in any food, easy, and fun. Cheese means freedom, imagination, and creativity.
## What's Changing? New roles, more discussions, and activities beyond events. Cheesetown is about expanding horizons and trying new things!
First move: make an information hub!
## Your Role: We need your feedback! Share your thoughts, ideas, and questions. Let's build the Cheesetown together.
Post your suggestions in the new #cheese-chat
## Any News on Avifair Season 3? Avifair Season 3 will be hosted in April 5 ~ 22 inside the Cheesetown! Applications will open from Jan 16 ~ Mar 18.
Thanks for being part of Avifair community. See you in the Cheesetown!
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