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Account Manager / Customer Success Position


GroundOS is an industry leading technology company catering to the land management and broker market, with some of the most trusted names as our clients. We pride ourselves on ingenuity, grit and the ability to be agile in an ever-changing environment.
As an Account Manager, you are the frontline of GroundOS to ensure the health of our active users, and seek out new ones. You will build strong long-term relationships with our clients and make sure they utilize our product to it’s fullest capabilities to align with their company goals and needs.
Compensation will be a base salary + commissions earned on the revenue generated by agent that you’ve onboarded with the intention being that you are highly incentivized to ensure that the agents you are responsible for are set up to be successful at every step of the process.


Actively seek out new business through industry research and follow-up calls with the GroundOS database.
Onboard, train and deploy new clients. This does entail traveling to the client locations to ensure their comfort with the product. You are wholly responsible for their success (with a team behind you), but their success equals your success.
Conduct ongoing trainings or meetings whether in-person or virtual. New features and functions roll out on a consistent basis, so our clients will need to be aware of these changes and how to best implement them in their business.
Handle non-technical client support requests and escalate those when necessary.
Be an advocate. Understand our clients’ business’ and leverage GroundOS functionality to help them grow.
Identify business expansion opportunities whether through referrals from our current clients or market observations.
Proactively capture client feedback and relay information to development for ongoing enhancements of the GroundOS product.
Collaborate with team members across development, sales and marketing to improve processes and promote product usage.

Your Qualities

Phenomenal Communicator - our clients and their customers come from all over the country and technical backgrounds. You’re strong written and verbal skills will be able to influence and teach them to use the GroundOS platform.
Team-Oriented - you ask questions when you don’t know the answer, you seek out projects when you’re running low, constructive feedback doesn’t offend you and you’re ready to dig into the trenches with the rest of the team.
Solutions Focused - you see a problem and you’re ready to find the solution.
Adaptable - you’re about to be a part of the most fun, fastest growing land technology company in the space. You’re ready to take on any job regardless of size and prepared to throw ideas to continue to grow the GroundOS product.
Tech Forward - An understanding of how our users interact with the software products we’ve built will be an enormous value in assisting them in their endeavors with GroundOS. You certainly don’t need to be an engineer, a software developer, or know how to code, but a passion for technology and a willingness to learn will take you far here.

Your Qualifications

2-years of account management experience in agriculture, technology or a related field.
Sales experience preferred.
**Qualifications are not set in stone, we want the perfect person to fill this role and will accommodate and train as needed.
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