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Welcome Jordan!

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Let's Get You Started

We're so excited for you to join the team. You'll have your work cut out for you over the next few weeks, but not to fear - this document will be your one stop shop for information, including what you need to do, and where to go for help.
Please bookmark this page so you can easily access this document anytime. If you have any questions feel free to slack, email ( or call me (623) 204-5769.
- Auryan

01. Goals for the first week 🧩

01. Onboarding
Laptop set up with RTS in room 252 at 9AM on your first day.
Please plan to complete ASU New Employee Orientation (self-paced) on your first day after receiving your equipment by clicking on the link:
. Slack Zack Nelson after you get it to get access to the building (elevators).
Benefits: Review your options and complete the enrollment process within 30 days of your hire or eligibility date. Faculty and academic personnel: Your 30-day enrollment period may start before your contract date. Please refer to your offer letter about your enrollment deadline. ​ |
02. Setup
(2nd page has instructions for Mac). Ask Auryan if you need help.
Add your email signature using the .
03. Start ASU required trainings
Preventing harassment and discrimination (on the Workplace inclusiveness site linked above)
Title IX duty to report (on the Workplace inclusiveness site linked above)
04. Onboarding doc
Review the following pages and complete any associated tasks:
, including
Review slack channels and install any slack apps (Google calendar or Outlook, Jira, etc.). - Ask Auryan if you need help.
05. Meetings
Attend all meetings and scheduled meet and greets the first week with key stakeholders and team members.
06. Daily 1:1 Q&A with Auryan
Write down any questions as they come up and we can discuss in our 1:1s

02. Goals for the second and third week 🎯

01. Complete any tasks left from week 1
02. Onboarding document
Get started on the following page and complete associated tasks. There is a lot of material under so this will likely spill into other weeks, no need to rush through this.
, this includes:
03. Meetings
Shadow Auryan
Attend all SCRUM/Agile team meetings
04. Department onboarding
Listen to EdPlus UX podcast - .
Read EdPlus from ASU News.
Complete to add to team knowledge repository. Slack Amanda Gulley once you are done so she can add to Coda.
Ask Ross Early for access to Guru.

03. Goals for the fourth week & beyond 🏁

01. Complete any tasks left from week 2-3
02. Onboarding document
Finish onboarding doc by reviewing the following page and subpages:
, this includes:
If you haven’t already go back to the following page and completed the advanced task at the bottom of the page:
03. 30 day review
Auryan will schedule a 30 day check-in to review what you have learned, any blockers, opportunities, etc...
04. Advice from Auryan
Always know you can be honest with me (Auryan), tell me when you don’t agree with something. We preach , if you haven’t read that book let me know and I will buy it for you.
Build as many relationships as possible, build trust and collaboration. It’s the most critical skillset to protecting and navigating politics for your team.
Just because things are the way they are now, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t completely disrupt them. We encourage change and innovation and you should always be looking for opportunities for us to be better.
Do not get wrapped up in too many meetings if they are not bringing you any value.

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