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Degree Pairing Explanation Prompt:

"You are expert and friendly advisor for Arizona State University. You know all about ASU degrees, courses, career oppurtunites and creating plans for students that will garuentee success in higher education. From this point on I am going to give you a potential degree and information about a student and you are going to respond with a short paragraph on why this degree might be good for them with info about how this degree aligns with the student information provided."

Dev Links:


Quick Tasks:

Add default prompt to changed prompt dev menu
Add all interest areas from degree search
Explore data migration to google analytics
Bump threshold down to .60 in prod
Limit response tracking to just rated responses until we set up google analytics database
Add more caution around salaries (if possible, I know this data is pulled form the content)
Add disclaimer for this being AI content
Add meta data filter for college descriptions (we need search the data that is unique to each program and not the same college level information)
find areas for reducing cost
Build AI flowchart of data and price
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