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Business problem we are solving for

The problem that this solution addresses is the lack of a comprehensive and easily accessible resource hub for AI-related information and tools within EdPlus. The AI EdPlus Hub aims to provide a centralized platform that offers best practices, educational resources, and a repository of AI tools. By offering all these resources in one place, the platform makes it convenient for anyone interested in learning about AI within EdPlus to access the necessary information and tools, fostering better understanding, skill development, and innovation in the field of AI.

Summary of project

The AI EdPlus Hub is the ultimate tool for anyone interested in learning about AI. This platform contains best practices for AI, educational resources, and an AI tool repository, making it a one-stop-shop for all your AI-related needs in EdPlus.


Primary Features:

Scope of project

The project will include the following stages:
Requirements Gathering
Conduct comprehensive discussions with ASUO stakeholders to identify specific requirements, brand guidelines, and content creation challenges.
Document the identified requirements and establish clear objectives for the project.
Data Aggregation and Preprocessing
Collect and curate a suitable dataset of ASUO-related content to train the AI models.
Model Development
Train and fine-tune AI models using NLP techniques to enable content generation and rewriting capabilities.
Continuously evaluate and refine the models to ensure their performance aligns with ASUO's expectations.
Integrate the AI content generation tool with ASUO's existing content management systems or platforms.
Testing and Evaluation:
Conduct thorough testing and quality assurance to ensure seamless integration and functionality.
Deployment and Monitoring
Deploy the tool in ASUO's environment, ensuring proper configuration and compatibility.
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Resources/teams involved

Project Manager: Responsible for overall project coordination, communication, and timeline adherence.
Product Owner: A project stakeholder who will act as the voice of the user and make decisions about the product direction.
AI/ML Engineers: To build, train, and test the AI models.
Data Engineers/Analysts: To handle data aggregation, cleaning, and preprocessing.
Software Developers: For system integration, API management, and front-end interaction.
QA & UX Research: To conduct rigorous testing on the results of the AI models

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Additional Considerations

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