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Business problem we are solving for

Currently, students can suffer from choice paralysis when trying to select a degree from all the ones we offer at ASUO. In addition even when a degree is selected the student can struggle understanding the full scope of a degree program, including the courses involved, the type of work they will engage in, and the potential career paths. This leads to uninformed decisions, changing majors, and potentially increased time and cost for degree completion.

Summary of project

The project aims to build an AI-driven degree assessment tool that will enhance the user experience on the ASUO website by providing accurate and personalized degree recommendations to students. The tool will consider various factors such as student preferences, academic performance, career aspirations, and available degree programs to suggest the most suitable academic paths.


Personalization ​Develop an AI-driven tool that provides personalized degree recommendations to students based on their individual preferences, skills, and academic goals, fostering a tailored educational experience.
Improved Decision Making Enable students to make informed decisions about their degree choices by providing comprehensive information about degree programs, career paths, and the alignment of their interests and skills.
Enhanced User Experience Create a user-friendly interface that is intuitive, visually appealing, and easy to navigate, ensuring a positive user experience for students interacting with the degree assessment tool.
Increased Student Engagement Encourage student engagement with the ASUO website by offering an interactive and valuable tool that supports their academic journey, leading to increased user satisfaction and usage.

Primary Features:

Personalized Degree Recommendations: The tool should generate personalized degree recommendations based on the student's preferences, academic performance, career aspirations, and other relevant factors.

Additional Considerations

Data Privacy and Security: As the system will have access to sensitive information, robust data privacy and security measures are critical.
User Training: Training for support staff and coaches on how to use the AI Copilot and understand its limitations.
Continuous Improvement: Collecting and analyzing data on the AI's performance post-deployment for continuous improvement.
Scalability: The system should be built with scalability in mind to handle

Next Steps

From POC to Phase 1

Figure how to integrate POC into the ASUO website
Build automated live pipeline of ASUO degree page content
Build Responsive UI for ASUO website
build system for incorporating user feedback and continuously improving the model.

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