Additional VR Ideas

Habitable worlds VR:
Create a central VR experience for the Habitable Worlds course where students fly around the universe discovering new planets and conducting experiments to see if the planets are habitable or not.

Interview/negotiation training:
Be immersed in a simulation negotiation where you choose what to say and watch as your choices affect the storyline as well as the responses and emotions of others.

Physics playground:
Manipulate the laws of physics in an endless VR sandbox where users are able to demonstrate and test scientific concepts that can’t be shown in the real world.

VR models and resources:
High detail 3D models of objects from the real world.
Imagine having a 3D model of the human body complete with every bone, muscle and vein that students can reference at any point in the course. Students could also manipulate the model, isolating specific components or conducting virtual dissections.

These models are not limited to biology and could include anything from a fully working engine, the Empire State building or the mars rover.

Virtual Art galleries:
Provide a digital showcase space for art students to display their work in AR or VR. The space could also be multiplayer so users can tour the space together.

Persistent Student Lounge/ Virtual Campus:
A persistent social location where students can make changes and return to them later. Students could build virtual spaces for their clubs or study groups.

Virtual Lectures:
Get the real world experience of attending a lecture from home. Lectures could be pre recorded so they can be accessed at any time, but also special events or lectures in the course could be done live from VR with a full class. Users would also be able to go through pre recorded lectures with classmates.

Storm Chasers:
Follow and monitor big natural phenomena like tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. Would work well with wind/rain feedback (Twister, but in real life)

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