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Splint Invest - Investor Wiki
Welcome to Splint Invest’s investor wiki - a knowledge hub for sharing the latest updates and relevant information with our network!

Executive Summary

Splint Invest is a B2B2C platform, where retail investors can buy tokens of alternative investments. Combining smart contracts, DLT and AI, we tokenize assets effortless and fully automated. This allows us to offer access to many unserved retail customers when it comes to portfolio diversification and alternative investments.

Problem -
Adrian and Eileen are looking for financial freedom but cannot access attractive alternative investments easily and corresponding with their portfolio size. Only in DACH, there are 21’000’000 Adrians and Eileens, willing and capable to invest 200 EUR per month in alternative investments.
Solution -
Splint Invest is a platform to easily access alternative investments. We connect pre-selected trusted suppliers of investment-grade-assets with retail customers. They can invest in tokens (called Splints) starting at only 50 EUR. As a retail investor the journey from downloading the app to smoothly investing in many alternative investments is effortless and entertaining. As a supplier you suddenly reach a large new market segment with only one customer relationship to maintain.
Business model -
Our platform mutually enables access for retail customers and suppliers of investment-grade-assets. We make money when the assets are initially issued (“splinted”), sold on the secondary market and when exited at maturity. In addition, retail customers pay an annual research contribution, for every asset category they want to invest in.
Competitive advantage -
We essentially differentiate ourselves based on the broad range of investment opportunities, which allows us to target a wider audience. Our business model as a platform allows us to scale up the supply of investment opportunities faster and offer a wider range of categories. At the same time, we are able to keep our operating costs to a minimum through automation. This makes our model scalable and allows us to charge less than the competition.
Traction -
The app is available in all app stores since 01.09.2021. Since December 2021 we release one investment opportunity (EUR 10k-15k) per week, which is on average sold out within a few hours. The average user invests in 3 opportunities per month and buys 4-6 Splints per opportunity.

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