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Family Law is a difficult topic to define because it encompasses a wide range of issues like divorce, domestic violence, child support, child custody, paternity and parenting time etc.,. However, if you only had one problem to deal with, such as changing child support because a child reached 18, the disagreement would be straightforward, and you would know your legal alternatives.
On the other hand, you don't have a single problem; you have a slew of them. Take a look at the following examples from the field of family law
A divorced mother receives a job advancement that forces her to relocate 200 miles away, necessitating a change in the father's parenting time and child support arrangements, as well as legal permission to relocate the child out of state.
The present award of custody to her, what parenting time she should have, and a reversal of the child support between them are all called into question when a father gets an order for protection against mom's boyfriend for his physical disciplining of the kids.
The father is left without finances and a valid driver's license due to the mother's pursuit of a divorce decree to collect $9,000 in child support arrears.
A spouse has major paternity issues for the children born previous to and during the 2-year marriage due to a history of infidelity and separations.
To safeguard their three young grandkids, grandparents wish to interfere in a divorce between drunken parents.
Atticus Family Law enjoy assisting clients with these family-law issues because we are highly seasoned attorneys who are already scheming when other attorneys hesitate when faced with such complexity. In addition, Atticus Family Law has experienced
family law attorneys in Hennepin County
who can help with everything from child custody to domestic abuse. Whether it was a single incident that generated many concerns or a few years since the divorce and multiple issues have accumulated during that period, our knowledge and experience position us to handle your complex family law issues with ease.
Simple instances like establishing custody can be frightening and stressful, but the extra complexity of overlapping family law matters can be terrifying.
Hennepin County Family Law Lawyers
here to assist you at Atticus Family Law. When handling sensitive family law matters and determining how to preserve one's rights, no one should have to feel alone and helpless.
How to Choose Family Law Lawyer ?
Families dealing with complicated family law issues want an experienced
family law attorney in Hennepin County
who will prioritize their needs and treat each client equally. Going to a large firm with dozens of attorneys may appear appealing on paper, but the service given may become less personal as time passes. Nobody wants to be known as "Case #40-8287," and Atticus Family Law will make sure that doesn't happen. Every client is important to us, and we address every case as if it were the only one we have on the go.
Some clients believe that hiring a large, glamorous trial lawyer is the way to go, but this frequently ends up costing them more in the long run. Attorneys who like to take matters to trial do not place a high priority on resolving issues as quickly as possible. They want a major fight, yet this might trap both sides in the courts for what seems like an eternity.
have much trial experience at Atticus Family Law, but we also understand that our clients need to get on with their lives and resolve all outstanding concerns as soon as possible. Cases that are resolved sooner save money in the long run.
What Kinds of Cases Can a Family Law Attorney Help With?
Before you choose a
, you should know what a professional attorney can do for you during these trying times. Here are some of the areas where we might be able to assist you:
Child Custody and Parenting Time:
Changing child custody and arranging a parenting time arrangement can be stressful. When both parents are likely emotionally charged, arguing a complete parenting plan can be challenging, which is where we can help.
Addressing the sensitive nature of confirming parental rights, which involves issues like identity documents, paternity acknowledgment, and naming a kid?
Domestic Abuse:
Domestic abuse allegations or charges can significantly complicate a post-divorce or post-custody situation.
Hennepin County Family Law Lawyers
dealt with similar situations before and understood the unique attention that's required. We want to provide a safe environment for our clients and their children.
Child Support and Spousal Maintenance:
Trying to figure out how to set up child support? Alternatively, how about modifying child support or spousal maintenance? That is something we can assist you with.
In addition, Hennepin County Parenting Time Attorneys
can assist you in pursuing legal options to collect on arrears if payments are not being made under an existing order.
Atticus Family Law's Divorce Attorneys Might Be Able To Help You
You've recently come to a realization. Perhaps you're reconciling feelings you've had for a long time. In any case, you've realized you need a divorce. You're probably feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of a difficult life adjustment. You understand that divorce will have a huge impact on your future and an event you should not take lightly. While facing the divorce process head-on may be painful, it is necessary.
You don't have to do it by yourself, though. A skilled
Hennepin County Divorce Lawyer
can effectively advocate for your rights and a favorable outcome in your case.
Atticus Family Law's divorce attorneys have decades of combined expertise and have observed firsthand how the divorce process affects clients. Finally, the assets, money, and debt assignments are given to a customer can either help them grow or fail in the months and years ahead.
Hennepin County Divorce Lawyers
help clients get through their divorce quickly while also putting them in a good position to move on to the next stage of their lives by getting an agreement that meets their needs.
Legal and Physical Child Custody
Whether as part of a divorce or on its own, establishing custody can be a frightening and painful process for adults; what happens to children caught in the middle of a failed relationship may be emotionally upsetting, if not destructive. Some of the most contentious
family law matters
include how children will be raised and where they will be reared. If there are issues about a child's paternity or if the child's safety is in jeopardy, parenting time and custody can become more challenging. Obtaining a result that is in the child's true best interests, rather than what the other parent would have the court believe, necessitates the use of expert legal counsel.
What does Parenting Time entail?
When parents reside in separate homes, they normally require a timetable to determine when each of them will have custody of their children. These parenting time, or visitation, schedules can be thorough, and we believe they should be. They should take into account not only weekdays and weekends but also holidays and school breaks. Furthermore, they must be strategically structured - for example. You may want to ensure that the person who spends Labor Day with the kids also spends the rest of the weekend with them so that they have a full three days together. Vacations, phone contact, and transportation needs are all anticipated to be covered in parenting time agreements.
The legislation presumes that the non-custodial parent should receive at least 25% of the parenting overnights (however, this presumption can be overcome). Furthermore, the amount of overnights a non-custodial parent has over a year has an impact on the child support paid — the more overnights the non-custodial parent has, the less expenditure the custodial parent will suffer, and thus the support paid to the custodial parent is typically reduced. The difficult mathematical calculations that determine parenting time are crucial, and they almost always necessitate legal assistance.
Make an appointment with a family law attorney in Hennepin County today.
Atticus Family Law is committed to assisting families in resolving legal matters in a dignified and respectful manner. Our
work hard to find the best solution for you and assist families in getting through a difficult time. Contact our firm now for a confidential consultation with a compassionate and skilled
family law attorney in Hennepin County.
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