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Pace Calculator: Calculate Run Performance

Pace Calculator: Calculate Your Run Performance (Marathon, 5K, 10K)

Running pace calculator for your mobile phone to calculate your finish times for marathons, 10Ks, and more. Easily calculate your pace and convert between miles and kilometers.
Purpose of a Running Pace Calculator
You just got off the treadmill and know your pace per mile or kilometer. This Coda doc automatically tells you what your finish time would be for popular race types like ,
, and more. If you are training for a special race that is outside one of the “traditional” race types (like the ), you can add your custom race distance to the “Race Types” table with the number of miles or kilometers for that race. The pace calculator will then calculate your finish time and training pace for that unique race.
With this pace calculator Coda doc, you can also:
Find out the race pace required if you want to finish a race by a certain finish time. For example, this doc will help you find what your per mile or per kilometer pace should be for a sub-2:30 marathon time.
Find your pace for any distance run given you know the distance (in miles or kilometers) and finish time
See your finish time for popular races and your own custom distances given you know your pace per mile or kilometer
Easily Convert Between Miles and Kilometers
If you are using a running app like or , you can see your pace in miles or kilometers. If you know your pace in either of these metrics, this distance converter will help you figure out your finish time based on the metric you’ve selected in step 1 of this tool. No more Googling how many kilometers are in one mile or vice versa, let this distance calculator tool do all the heavy lifting for you.
There are also built in buttons in the Admin section to help you convert a set distance from miles to kilometers and vice versa.
Mobile Pace Calculator
Unlike other running pace calculators, this Coda doc is meant to be used on mobile. If you just finished a run and try to use an existing pace calculator website, you’ll find that you have to manually enter in numbers for your pace. With this Coda doc, you can simply hit the +5s and +1m buttons to increase your pace time by 5 seconds and 1 minute (respectively (there are also buttons for -5s and -1m). No more fumbling to enter numbers for your pace after your run. Tap the buttons to increase and decrease time to see what your finish times would be for each race type!
Most time calculator tools also require you to hit a “calculate” button to get your finish time or pace. This Coda doc automatically re-calculates your finish time and pace right after you edit your pace per mile, finish time, and distance. Get the numbers you need right away from your run.
of this template.
How to Use the Pace Calculator
You can also calculate your pace for a race type by entering your own finish times. Depending on whether you selected Miles or Kilometers below, the Coda doc will output your pace per mile or kilometer in the same table. Get started below!
Calculate Finish Times 🕐
1) Miles or Kilometers?

2) Your pace per Mile or Kilometer:

7 mins 30 secs

3) Your Finish Times:
5K: 23 mins 18 secs
10K: 46 mins 36 secs
Half Marathon: 1 hr 38 mins 20 secs
Marathon: 3 hrs 16 mins 40 secs
Calculate Running Pace 🏃
Tap the row with your race type and edit the "What was your finish time?" field.
Race Type
What was your finish time?
Your Pace per Mile/Km
24 mins 10 secs
7 mins 47 secs
50 mins 18 secs
8 mins 6 secs
Half Marathon
1 hr 45 mins 10 secs
8 mins 1 sec
3 hrs 30 mins 23 secs
8 mins 1 sec
There are no rows in this table

Have a custom race type? Add it in
Running Pace Calculator FAQs
How do I calculate my running pace?
To calculate your running pace, divide your run time by the distance that you ran. For example, running 2 miles in 10 minutes means that your running pace is a 15 minute mile. You can also just use this Coda doc.
What is a good race pace for a 5K marathon?
The average running time for a 5K marathon is between 30-40 minutes. Most runners would be satisfied with their race performance if they ran a 5K marathon in 30 minutes or less. To clock a 7 minute mile, runners would have to complete a 5K race in 21 minutes and 44 seconds.
What is a good marathon training plan?
Most runners train for marathons for 16-20 weeks. Marathon training involves 3-5 training runs per week with varying running speeds and goals such as long runs, tempo runs, and speed workouts.. When it is closer to the marathon date, runners will increase their mileage.

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