Common Room + Coda template

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Common Room + Coda template

Track, manage, customize, and message members in your community using the Common Room Pack (Coda integration).
Rebecca Marshburn
is the intelligent community growth platform that enables you to build, manage, support, and engage your community—online and in-person. It brings together community engagement, product usage, and customer data all in one place to surface intelligent, actionable insights to help you activate your community and drive business impact. Coda is one of Common Room’s first customers and early design partners, and we’ve managed our communities on Discourse, Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord and more through Common Room. Read more about Common Room below or to see how it can help you grow your community—and how you can use our Common Room Pack 👇
Why we created the Common Room Pack: Over time, we’ve wanted to view and manage our Coda community in custom ways as well as do things like bulk update info about our members and send them messages on Discourse without leaving our Coda docs.
We built the Common Room Pack to integrate our data from Common Room with Coda. With this Pack, anyone who builds and manages their community with Common Room can view, edit, track, and, using other Packs like and , communicate with their community members directly from Coda.
To learn more about how to use the Common Room Pack and this template, watch our video walkthrough below with Common Room’s Head of Community, :
How to use this Pack: After you copy this template, click one of the sub-pages below to start managing, tracking, editing, and customizing your Common Room community in Coda.

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