Senior UI Designer Assignment

Design a high fidelity UI mockup and prototype of a “Synthetic text to speech editor.”

User can:
Enter text that will convert to speech (character limit of 100)
Select 3 different voices - John, Eric & Amy
Preview the speech
Change pitch of one word or one sentence - Normal, High, Low
Once done, user can download it

Assume that we will use standard Google text to speech API in the backend to create the speech. Detailed UX mockup with notes

Assignment will be evaluated on these parameters
(weightage in brackets):

Ability to gather requirements/ constraints from Spext team (
engineering & user research)
Identifying different states & showing them to the user in the design-
empty, overflow, error, success, hover, processing states
Creativity/ fun element - can interactions/ layouts/ colors etc make it more fun than a boring rectangular, text box? Let your imagination run wild 😂 (30%)
Pixel perfect UI prototype with interactions incorporating everything above (20%)
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