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Ashton Coghlan

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Ashton Coghlan

Builds high-quality products and services.
Simplifies with words, pictures and videos.
Works well with designers and developers.
Says this a lot: “Build to learn what to build.”
Drives value through intentional design at system, service, product, and team levels.
Walks his dog too much but also not enough.

Socials: @ashtoncoghlan
Text: (347) 748-2303


Current Employment


Effectv (Comcast Advertising) | 2023-Present
Product Manager
Proactively addressing 2024 US data privacy regulations by facilitating cross-functional collaboration (business execs, system architects, software engineers). Enhancing product privacy, improving user experiences, and ensuring revenue growth, all while reducing costs and mitigating risks.
Past Work

Enterprise Design System

Fidelity Investments | 2023
Senior Product Manager
Buttons, input boxes, colors, typography, and helping teams make friends with other teams.

Moving Platform

Artium | 2022
Product Manager
Reimagining the moving experience for military families across America.

Helpfulness Network

TBWA | 2019-2022
Value Designer
Automated meaningful interagency relationships at a global scale.

Identity & Access Management

Omnicom | 2019-2020
Product Owner
Helped Fortune 200 company figure out who works for them, where, doing what.

Finding Magic

College Board | 2018
Product Discovery Specialist
Who are the top 100 college guidance counselors in America, and what makes them so special?

PSAT/SAT Website

College Board | 2016-2018
Product Owner
Product discovery and delivery so that kids could figure out how to get to college.

International Dev Shop

Andela | 2015
Soft Skills Consultant
Prepared developers in Nigeria and Kenya to work with corporate clients across Europe and North America.

Street Parking App

GreatSpot | 2015
Technical Co-Founder
Illegally saved drivers 21 minutes during their street parking journeys.

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