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Reading Challenge Template

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Track, organize, and review your reading over the year.

Getting started

Start by adding a couple books you want to read. Type the title into the Book Title column. If you’ve already read or are currently reading some books this year, add them in too (just change the Status column).
Books you want to read will also populate on the page, while in-progress books or completed ones will be on .
(Not seeing the book you wanted? Try adding the author’s name or another keyword into the Book Title column before hitting enter).
Book Title
There are no rows in this table

Make it your own

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This doc is set up to be somewhat lightweight to start. If you want to keep building, some possibilities:
Want to read more biographies or short stories this year? Add tags to categorize books.
Add a space to write notes or a review for each book you finish (try a canvas column!)
Collect recommendations and reviews from others by hooking up a form

There’s also a page that will show you all the books you’ve added: - this is a helpful hub as you start expanding.

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