EosCon July 2022 Flyer


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Welcome to EosCon, Starbase’s first community ship convention! This is the event flyer for the 2nd EosCon, to be held from 30 July - 1 August 2022 at the Origin Gate on Starbase’s live server. We currently have
exhibitors showing off
ships in total!
EosCon’s vision goes beyond simply being a showcase event for player-built ships. We aim to celebrate and promote the achievements and creations of the game’s builder community, regardless of whatever they build, however many ships they build, however obscure or popular they are, however skilled they are and so on so forth. What many people have forgotten in the daily pickaxe swinging or rock lasing is that Starbase is not just a rock smashing simulator. It is also a game where you can build cool ships simply because cool ships are cool.
Starbase is, at its very core, a game about flying around in ships built either by you, or some other builder out there. People may disagree about practicality versus looks, but EosCon is all about the sheer variety of designs out there. We believe, that for every endo looking for a ship with a specific set of criteria in mind, there is a builder out there who can cater to that criteria and probably some more!
And our job then becomes to connect endos together. Regardless of nationality. Regardless of faction allegiance. When you come to EosCon, we want you to marvel at what the builder community has been up to and support them as they generate new content for the game. We want you to make new friends who share the same love of ship design. We want you to help us to grow the Starbase community in a healthy manner, fostering a spirit of community.
I am Arkhonus, known as Astralion#5521 on Discord. I welcome you to EosCon July 2022.
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