You'll need affordable divorce lawyers in Chicago to represent you during the divorce process.
Although Illinois divorce rules have changed to make it simpler for incompatible spouses to split, divorces in Chicago are still difficult, especially if the parties file an "uncontested divorce." In addition, several circumstances or events can complicate a divorce:
● If a divorced couple has children, they must agree on who the child's primary residence is and how often the other parent sees the child, or the court will make those decisions for them.
● If a divorced couple has any property (a house, a car, even a DVD collection) acquired during their marriage, they must decide how to divide it equally or leave it to a judge to decide.
● Even if the marriage has no children or marital property, spousal support issues can take months to resolve.
Due to the stress and complication of divorce procedures, you will require the services of an experienced and competent divorce lawyer in Chicago to represent you throughout the process. Going it alone or relying on inexperienced legal counsel can be disastrous, costing you time and money. Rather, put your faith in an Arami Law Chicago family lawyer to preserve your legal rights and interests during your divorce.
The divorce process is fraught with misunderstandings and misconceptions. These can be costly, resulting in irreversible financial damage, the loss of crucial legal rights, and (in some situations) criminal accusations. For instance, did you know:
● Filing for divorce does not make you "divorced," Any marriage you enter into before the court declares you divorced is void.
● Illinois distributes wealth based on the principles of "fairness" and "fairness": a court must divide marital property properly between you and your ex-spouse, but shouldn't they all? Are they shared equally by both?
● Custody and parental leave are granted in the "best interests of the child," not necessarily based on who is the best parent or most competent in caring for the child.
Your Arami Law divorce lawyers will work with you to understand your divorce goals and desired outcomes, clear up any legal ambiguities, and vigorously protect your rights and any stage of your divorce.
Whether you are preparing for a divorce or your ex-spouse has already started divorce proceedings against you, Arami Law will help you. Chicago divorce lawyers will work hard to protect your legal interests and achieve your goals in an Illinois divorce. We can help you keep valuables, receive (or refuse) spousal support, and secure custody of your children. Call (312) 212-1399 or email us to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you during this difficult time.
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