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About Apples and Pears

About Apples & Pears Holdings Ltd

Our Vision

Spanning across eighteen countries in different continents, we have engaged and trained many enterprise-skilled individuals who find entrepreneurship as the essence of their daily survival. Many of these individuals are women with little or no skill pertaining to running a business originally, but with a strong desire to do well… and now the ability to transform economies having been coached, properly skilled and highly empowered just by subscribing to any of our enterprise tool kits.
Welcome to Apples and Pears where we pride ourselves on being a coaching group with a vision of empowering young vibrant business leaders with the requisite skills and tools needed for the survival and transformation of their businesses in the entrepreneurial world of today.
Our staff list, who are seasoned and up to the task industry top niche professionals. work seamlessly around the clock providing effective solutions to today's business challenges of your business. Within our highly skill set reservoir, empowering other business organizations into successful thriving businesses is the only way we actualize.

Our Values

Client focused

Because we are a coaching group, we seek to learn and understand the unique challenges engulfing clients, to tailor made solutions addressing those challenges of business demands. As a business, we share a very passionate depth of focus on our clients and this remains central to our Core Values. We believe that no two individuals are the same and therefore two different businesses might pose similar challenges but never the same. It will be wilfully inadequate to offer these businesses the same solution. We believe in the uniqueness of clients and strive to know them more for a better experience.


Our efficacy can be attested in many parts of the world as we have equipped and transformed many successful businesses. Proficiently aware our clients are in the front lines of their businesses making life line decisions in a timely manner just to stay afloat. We are efficient in meeting the work rate and time lines of our clients, and that's the only credible way to impact their business. So far our clients seem very happy with the kinds of responses impacting their organizations. We remain efficient to the very needs of all our clients till date.


The Apples and Pears holding group believes in transparency by maintaining a high level of documentation and drawing up SOPs on all of its operations blending in with very modern web based tools like Coda, Milanotes, Band and Zoom, staff at Apples and Pears are able to communicate in a clear cut note anywhere around the world on time. Any one with access can also monitor remotely activities of another thereby enhancing transparency.


At Apples and Pears, we maintain accountability by working with you and your business to help develop new skills that are required for problem resolution and resource management. We are never satisfied until our client signs off with a smile to a problem we solved. No wonder they keep coming back over the years.


Many of our coaching activities are with leaders at every level within the business. Regardless of client level, we as professional coaches devoted to improving business leaders understand their strengths, clarify weaknesses and set goals to put them on a path toward tangible improvement and success, demands us to exhibiting higher levels of clarity in all our dealings especially with clients . We achieve this clarity by placing honesty and trust as the fundamental principles of our operations. We work hard at maintaining the trust of our clients by being honest in every situation.


Our authenticity rests heavily on being true to ourselves as a company and living according to our beliefs and values; very vital to our wellbeing and crucial to developing an outstanding leader.


Our strength till date remains the fact that we communicate well and timely. Over the years we have engaged our clients on good communication grounds in an attempt to show clarity and exhibit authenticity. We are also adaptable to technological innovations in communication. Tools like Band, Coda, Milanotes and more so during the covid era, all resonate well among our staff and clients.


It rests with our passion for people and businesses to do good, as stated, we are encouraged by the success of our customers. Our agility builds up from a team of well trained and seasoned experts, coupled with working modern tools, we are able to maneuver quickly around solutions. Our team of experts are ready to mount on any task making deletion a thing of beauty in our firm.


Within our abilities to provide greatness, we strive to do more. We are excellent with the services we offer not based entirely on our advanced skill set but for the reason of willing to go the extra mile to help bring solutions. This in many ways is set to advance our knowledge as the willingness to do more exposes us to a lot of learning on the way. You are assured of excellence any you hear |Apples and Pears

Our Mission

Entrepreneurship over the years have been steadily rising with women and young entrepreneurs surging. Many with little or no skill pertaining to current entrepreneurial practices but finds entrepreneurship as the essence for daily survival.
It is our mission to train 10,000 entrepreneurs, business owners and academics by 2030, and we pride ourselves on working with people from all over the world, regardless of age, race, culture or creed. If you have the vision and the drive, we have the tools and resources to help you to achieve your goals and excel in your field of expertise

How we do this

Staffed by a multi-passionate and talented team of enterprise educators, academics, web designers and more, Apples & Pears is the tree from which our multiple ‘Toolbox’ brands grow, such as The Enterprise Toolbox, The Entrepreneur Toolbox and The Academic Toolbox.
Across the years, we have worked alongside countless brands and stand as affiliate partners with major players such as MetroBank, Elementor, WeWork and the Black Women Leaders Conference, a group in which our CEO, Tonisha Tagoe, helps to lead as a proud female business owner.

Building Knowledge & Skills
We are a coaching group with a vision of empowering young vibrant business leaders with the requisite skills and tools needed for the survival and transformation of businesses. We have a mission to train ten thousand (10,000) entrepreneurs, business owners and academics by 2030 and by so meaning building up the skill and knowledge base of those we are in contact with.

Fostering Partnerships
We are in the habit of forming close collaborations with many we are in contact with. This is evident in many of our events where we have partnered and worked with many institutions and organizations such as Brasa and the United Nations Ghana and Hubtel fostering partnership with them. A typical example is the number of resource guest that turn out to speak on our event platforms

Providing advisory
Constantly on an advisory role we engage our clients from this perspective into impacting positively in their affairs. It is perhaps the best standpoint for us than forcing or instructing the clients on some possible solution but rather to suggest other efficient ways to derive better results

Our Current Website

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