Terms Of Services

The official terms of services of ApadoTech made by ApadoTech staff. All users using ApadoTech are REQUIRED to follow all of our Terms Of Services.
Introduction to Terms
Welcome to ApadoTech! These Terms Of Service ( TOS ) apply to all of ApadoTech projects including our platform, app, community, forums and service. This also applies to everything on our platform. This is the agreement between our organisation and our relative party ( “us”, “organisation”, “company” ) with you ( “you” and “your“ ). This policy is also linked to our
Continuing using our service means you agreed to our terms of services and our other policy.
Change to Our platform and Agreements
We always are improving our platform with every update we make on our platform. Update will reflect changes to our platform. We will give out updates to users when we have major updates.
We also reserved the rights to make changes to these agreements over time due to our changes on the platform. We are also allowed to add, modify and delete sections in these agreements at any time. We will also notify you without 14 days of the new agreements effective.
You have the responsibility of all changes to your account on ApadoTech. Once you created your account, you will have the responsibility from all log in to your account, messages sent from it. You are also required to keep your account information like your email and password confidential. You must not disclose this information to any third party services. You are also
to keep your account information accurate and updated. You are also REQUIRED to notify us for any unauthorised log in to your account.
We also reserved the right to delete, disabled, ban you from our service with or without any reason and notice.
You are REQUIRED to be 13 ( for the rest of the world ) and 16 ( for specific countries, Cambodia and EEA ) to use ApadoTech. Please refer to your country's independent digital consent. Using our services under the age is against our Terms Of Service and your Country Law.
You could also be 6 years old using ApadoTech but with parental permission are REQUIRED.
Under 6 years old are NOT ALLOWED even with parental permission!
The company respects everyone else's property. We wanted to keep this service to follow other property copyright policy.
If you believe someone copied your product/work in copyright infringements on our platform, please inform the company about the issue and we will start investigation and take action using Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( DMCA ) and other property copyright laws. Proofs are
to be sent to our staff on email ( ) or on the Guilded server.
If you believe your
has been taken down and is not infringing copyright or you have authorization from the copyright owner, you could send us a counter notice. Once our company receives the notice, we will send the original filed company a copy informing the person it may be replaced with the removed content or disabling it in 14 days. Unless the copyright owner files an action seeking a court order against the content provider, member or user, the removed content may be replaced or access to it will be restored, in 14 business days or more after receipt of the counter-notice
You agreed to communicate electronically via email, text, mobile push notification and site notice. By using our services, you agree that we may communicate to you electronically about your privacy, security, administrative and policy regarding YOUR use on our services
For marketing messages, we would obtain your permissions on it before sending you any of them. It is also easy for you to opt in by emailing us. We only send it to people who are interested in it.
Right To Use The Service
Our service provided multiple services. The service allows you to make notes, communicate with others, watch videos, read books, and listen to music. The service may allow/grant you access to certain software and services that are available to purchase our organization, using it isn't a right.
We reserved the right to discontinue and modify, continue or discontinue the platform the Service with or without notice. The Company reserves the right to refuse any user access to the Services without notice for any reason, including but not limited to a violation of our Terms. If you violate these Terms, the Company reserves the right to issue you a warning regarding the violation or immediately terminate or suspend any or all Accounts you have created using the Service. You agree that the Company need not provide you notice before terminating or suspending your Account(s), but it may do so in the end.
Property Rights
All rights, title, name, interest ( including our logo, design, codes and software ), except for
commonly known as “Service Materials” are between us and
are owned by the company and its third party licensors. You acknowledge and agree that you don’t acquire ownership right whenever by downloading Service Materials or by purchasing any Virtual Currency or Virtual Goods. You agreed that you shall not modify, copy, frame, distribute, reproduce, republish, post, sell in any form of means, in whole or any part of the company without our permission. You also agreed that you don’t claim any ownership by using our services or by accessing our services on our platform. All rights are reserved to the Company and third party licensors.
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