my musings

to be a good founder

in my mind, u need to be good at:
(1) product vision & storytelling. building something people want and something that’ll be huge and will change the world as we know it.
and being able to tell that story to everyone who will listen and get them believe in that future.
(2) financial modeling and viewing ur business as bunch of numbers that can be tweaked to produce greater results.
(3) execution. now that u know what needs to be done & u know the numbers that need be hit or tweaked or figured out — u need to work with a team to make it happen. this needs be 90% of ur effort. and making stuff happen that u say will and can happen.
if u excel all 3 - u win.
== elon does it best i think ==
u say humanity needs to be a multi planetary species and exist on mars
u figure out how fucking expensive space transportation is and the cost per ton to orbit needs to go down
u realize what money u need for it and who will pay for sending stuff to orbit if not mars
then u go and work w your team to build a rocket that makes it super cheap to get to orbit

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