my musings

communication & reasoning

i randomly started watching this vsauce video — — and it got me thinking
a) it wild how we are just a bunch of atoms that started transferring energy and boom smh they started “thinking”
b) its even wild that we developed communication with other bunch of atoms so now we can have complex emergent behaviors and progress as society
c) seeing michael talk a shit ton about reasoning and intuition like how we see someone sad and we just know they sad we don’t logically conclude it or that reasoning is like for social reasons from conclusion to why, this made me think of research on explainability in AI and how we basically do the same shit lmao. history repeats itself and in very uncanny ways.
like intuition is just like weights in the neural net activating in a feed-forward inference session
and then re-adjusting when encountering an error.
and reasoning is that extra layer we are building because we dunno wtf is going on with these neural net weights.
and it might or might not be the real reason the neural net behaved the way it did.
so uncannily similar.
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