my musings


the way this works is, my daily thoughts, that don’t make to twitter or that i obsess over more, come here.
recent drafts (TBD file ‘em)

at what point do you stop liking/replying someone’s tweets because you both are excessively online and u dont wanna seem obsessed. hmm

i made a really cool friend who’s a founder of one of the coolest companies i know.

he’s prob my first true friend (and someone who’s nice and sweet to me) who runs a rather successful later stage company.
i’ve only otherwise seen people running such companies from a distance, and they’ve never seemed to care much about me.
it’s nice to know someone and have inside looks to where u wanna be. especially the “bads” of building a company are seldom public.
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p.s inspired by my influencer friend noorie ()

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