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FinOps Manager - Online Interview Brief


Thanks for booking online interview with RORA. In order to make our interview as fair and accurate as possible we wanted to explain the format of the interview, and some tips to help ensure you’re well prepared.

The Interview

This interview will last an hour and will build on the exercise you previously did and the email you sent.
There will be three stages:
1. Review of the email you sent to the CyberQuant founder as part of the technical - focussing on your priorities and findings. 2. A review of CyberQuant’s Xero - live - and helping to guide through some work that needs completing. 3. Finally, a role play with the CEO of CyberQuant - your interviewer - to discuss progress and the scenario below.

Role play scenario

During the role play you will take on the role of a new RORA FinOps Manager and your interviewer will act as the CEO of CyberQuant. The role play will last 5-10mins.
The CEO of CyberQuant has asked for a call to discuss the email you sent and to understand how quickly you will be able to get everything in good shape. CyberQuant are looking for investment and need to send accounts to their investors ASAP.
You currently work with them one day/week. You don’t have any availability to give more of your time for a few months. But there is more time available from an Associate or another Manager in the team if they need more time immediately.


You will be given time to ask questions - so please do come with them!

Interview Tips

How we work at RORA

We don’t offer a fixed service for a fixed fee, like you might see at a traditional accounting firm. Instead, we work to an agreed number of days each month. This is agreed The Interview on the partners’ needs, with the days/time spread across the month as appropriate.

What are we looking for?

A FinOps Manager:

Is never shy about the value we bring, or the fact that we charge for it. A FinOps Manager communicates expectations to partners around deadlines, priorities and problems.
Is the primary point of contact between RORA and our partner, and between the our partner's team and their finance function.
Is responsible for ensuring that we don't undertake loss-making work, and for identifying mutually beneficial opportunities for additional projects or up-sells.
Sets up appropriate communication channels with partners, and is pro-active in reminding partners why we have certain systems and processes in place.
Takes responsibility and ownership for the work the is delivered on a day to day basis for our partners

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