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You curled up on the right side of my bed. The right side of your body faced me, while the left was buried in the plush. I stared, nervously anticipating your next words. You glanced up at me, still maintaining your curled state, and then fixed your eyes ahead of you, perhaps at my lamp. I waited.
“I think - I think I have a crush on you.”
Frozen, a rush came over me. My body was asleep, my mind raced on. You left me entranced in your words. Reality fell and I was left in the world of your tender breaths.
Now, you told me I pushed you away, but, assuming you’re right, I did not do this consciously. Rapidly, my brain forced me to embrace you in a kiss, foolishly, without me even asking for permission. Permission was the last thing I needed to worry about, as I collided with your lips and we were the only people in this house. On this street. In this world. Nothing mattered more in this moment than the permanent release of love between two crushes.
You didn’t know how to kiss. That was fine by me, as I promised I would always be there for you when you needed help. Obviously, you needed help right then, so I helped by leading the march between our lips. I pushed. You pushed back. We were drawn to each other, inseparable by our love and lust. My muscles moved naturally. My brain had no ability to process thoughts. My body trembled with excitement and daze.
At last, my love, we would be together. For ever and always.

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