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About this template

We built this Coda doc with the goal of making job applications easier by showcasing more about your experiences that what just your resume could show. This doc includes various views that can serve as a supplemental personal website for job applications, as well as a cover letter builder for when you’re applying to different jobs!
Currently, the doc is filled with dummy information showing off the experiences of everyone’s favorite web-slinging super-hero, Spider-Man, but it’ll be way cooler when this doc is showing off you!


Go to the private view tab, and copy-paste information from your current resume into it. The Peter Parker’s Resume and Skills pages should automatically update to match the information you input.
Go to the failure portfolio page, and talk about your failures! It can show a lot of insight into not just your experiences, but also your persistence and dedication if you show how you’ve tried (repeatedly!) at something.
Go to the cover letter builder, and then edit the Email Content section to give yourself plug-and-play pieces of writing to use to build a different cover letter depending on what skills/background you want to highlight for the role you’re applying to!
Publish the doc! You’re good to go— but you probably want to verify that the Cover Letter builder is hidden before pasting your link in your job applications.

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