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40 Useful Self-Management Hacks to Master Your Time

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Self-Management Hacks

Manage ourselves wisely to make the most of our resources including time
Nothing you do in a single year can lead you to the Promised Land faster than having a thorough and cognizant understanding of how to manage your life. Notice I didn't say "manage your time." No, because we can't manage time. There's no such thing.
Time management is dead. Yeah, we all wake up in the morning with the same exact number of hours, minutes, and seconds in a day. We can't roll over unused time to be used tomorrow, and borrow a few unused minutes on Thursday for Monday. We can't control time. As it ticks away, it's gone -- in the past, never to be reclaimed again.
But here's what we can do, and is very much within our control:
choose how to use that time by managing ourselves wisely.
Look, it's actually self-management that we all seek.
To make this more applicable to you:
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Use the checklist to see which statements are true and which you want to improve
Check the box for the items you’re a master of
Click the “I want to improve this” button next to the statement you want to improve. The statement will be added to the list.
Use the list to plan what you want to work on
Check of the items you improve by clicking on the “improved” button. This will also update the table and check of the statement you approved.
Visit the lists periodically to ensure you’re on your way to becoming a rockstar self-manager.
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