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XYZ Insurance Agency - Wix Customer Journey planning

From Closure to Launch, step by step planning
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Question: ‘’ identify what metrics/KPIs would be used to measure the short- and long-term success of this account ‘’

The referral program feature has a built-in insights panel to gauge the website traffic, conversion rate and total sales.
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Another analytics tab would give this Leading Insurance Agency a holistic overview on the sites’ traffic worldwide ​

Question: ‘’**Bonus: insurance agents usually derive their business from referrals - what other tools would you suggest upselling within our ecosystem that would increase usage and drive adoption?’’

Wix referral app integration
adding a booking app integration to offer a free consultation to decide which plan would work best for them before using their referral coupon/discount code
SEO tools and Automated routing
‘’ Connect sites to any domain for URL consistency and boost the SEO across languages and regions. ‘’
Multilingual translation
Address your global audience in their language with auto-translation through third-party services.
Integrate with external systems such as Optimizely or Google Optimize to test any aspect of your content at scale, and update as needed to keep your conversion rates going up and to the right.
Branded Mobile app - available on Apps Store and Google Play
Advanced features such as the developer tools - they would be able to create custom features and stand out
if applicable: depending on the complexity of the project they may need to be looped in with a partner
Launch Plan (from closure to launch) - Please scroll to the left /right for more information/ details
Start date
Due date
Link to Mock Up site
Screenshot Examples
Phase 1: Opportunity Closure
Internal Handover
Internal meeting with the Sales stakeholder to hand the Customer a new Project and Key Information | Make sure to also get the big picture from the Sales counterpart.
Prep Customer Success Plan
In Progress
Prep a Success Plan - playing back the information gathered during the Internal handover call with the Sales team:
Customer Use case & context
Before and After Scenario
‘’Technical’’ Goals
Business goals
Key contacts
Timeline and potential Blockers
fill any gaps or blind spots
Phase 2: Onboarding Phase
Welcome Email
Not started
Send a tailored welcome email to the customer
Onboarding Call
Playback Success Plan
Not started
Schedule an introductory call to discuss the implementation process, key contacts, and next steps.
This is a good opportunity to confirm the Customer Success Plan, specific requirements, Goals and Success Metrics (Customer’s KPIs) | Customer KPIS would be for example link to quantifiable referals channeled and converted on $ ammount
Are there any blockers or technicalities we should be aware of ? Such as any existing website or mandatory tools to integrate with ?
Wix Account Setup
Share Documentation & ressources
Plan Enablement session
Not started
Provide necessary access to the platform and support contacts, tools and resources required to assist with the website set-up and general guidance to navigate the platform.
Plan Enablement Session / Lunch and Learn tailored to the customer use case: Marketing landing Page or Marketing website for an Insurance Agency. How to start using the wix Website builder functionalities and Wix Studio.
Conduct training sessions and Demos to familiarise the Insurance Agency with the Wix Platform. Such as how to set up - recommended tools / Analytics page to looks at their leads funnel and conversion
+ Template selection, layout ect..
Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 17.03.05.png
Phase 3: Implementation and Customization
Customization Plan
Not started
From this Specific Insurance Agency use case a few elements should be added to the Website’s customisation plan :
Agency Info / Name and Custom Domain | contact infos and Office hours
Plan Pricing
Apps (apps market) - Wix referral program app
Booking App (if a prospect with a referral code would like to book a free consultation to decide which plan works best (?)
Forms to collect the leads
Automated thank you emails with Next steps
Work on their Branding
Shall we integrate with any existing website or tools they are using ?
Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 20.13.31.png
Set up an Activity plan / tracker with the customer
Not started
Helps keep each other accountable and progress the project in a timely manner
Provide Assistance whenever prossible
Not started
If further documentation needs to be shared or ad hoc enablement sessions / demoes. intro advance features.
Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), Wix Code, and third-party integrations.
Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 17.03.05.png
Phase 4: Launch Preparation
(includes Testing and Feedback)
Sync with the Customer
Not started
Meeting to wrap up and confirm launch plans (including timelines, remaining actions and owners, inform internal stakeholders when necessary)
Identify potential gaps
Not started
Project course correction if additional needs or blockers arise
continuous support and product knowledge reinforcement
Go-Live Check-list
Not started
Must have for their project to be a success: referral program and Social Media integration | contact form to capture the leads | SEO optimisation to gain more visitors.
Email campaigns and automations - to invite their current customer base to access the referral link.
Are they able to measure success? Referral Traffic > Referral conversion Rate > Total Sales
Domain Setup
!! Security features
SSL Certificate Installation / Role Base Access Control / SSO (? note : I am unsure of the level of functionalities available)
The Customer should review their website for any errors, broken links, or formatting issues ect.
See analytics dashboard >>>>>
Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 15.17.36.png
Gathering Feedbacks
Not started
Voice of the customer :
Gathering feedbacks
Product request → check if workaround already available + feed this info back to the PM team | upvote feature request on their product roadmap
Data Migration ?
Not started
Based on a conversation with the customer in phases 2 and 3 regarding their requirements > Did they need to have a partner looped in to help with data migration?
Phase 5 : launch and Post Launch look back
Launch Day Support
Not started
Proactively open a preemptive support ticket to be ready for the launch day
Provide dedicated support on that day to address any issues or concerns in real time.
Customer Health monitoring
Not started
Monitor the website post-launch to proactively identify and address any issues that arise. Suggest any optimisation or features to add Wix monitoring tools (site speed, traffic, Insurance agency’s engagement, any troubleshooting required or anomalies ?)
Go Live Look Back
Not started
Schedule a post-launch review meeting to:
evaluate the project’s success: from the onboarding to the launch
collect feedback for future improvements.
Offer additional feature demoes / training to improve customer adoption.
Set up regular check-in calls
Not started
Gauge customer sentiment
Update on new features
review customer Succes towards their success Metrics : Analitics dashboards + internal SLAs from Wix support interactions | provide advices to customer on how to promote their website (SEO) and gain more visitors
assess needs and explore upsell and cross-sell opportunities
Suggest collaboration for Customer success stories / Use case on our website
Plan involvement (when applicable) to Wix Events (speaker sessions, marketing collaboration ect..)
Plan Quarterly Business Reviews (if applicable): Value realisation (with $ numbers and other metrics to support), customer Business Roadmap, Wix products roadmap and event ect...

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