The Mirror - sample your experience

track your mood, record your life, and report out on the findings
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.

― C.G. Jung
** For Coda Doctorate Reviewers **
Check out my doc rationale, summary of layers (database, interaction, presentation), and a whiteboard map of the doc process:
If you want to surface the unexplored aspects of your mental and physical state of being,
you’ve come to the right doc!

This doc can be:
a mood tracker
a journal
a tool for therapy
decision-making support
a means of internalizing what you read
an over-designed reminder system
a personal knowledge foundry

Experience sampling has been used in psychology since the 1970s. It’s a particularly useful tool for doctors to collect a person’s thoughts, experiences, and environmental info in real-time, thereby avoiding the effects of recall bias, selective forgetfulness or willful manipulation.

And the patient (that’s you) benefits as well, as patterns of behaviour and self-knowledge can emerge from as little as a few days of sampling. This type of continuous personal monitoring and analysis supports learning and boosts self-awareness and empathy.

Best of all, sampling takes only a few minutes per day using Google Calendar and a Coda account!
You can do the setup on a desktop and the sampling on mobile. And you choose the questions, so there’s plenty of flexibility to mix in some nonsense and foolishness with the self exploration.

Keep reading to wake up your life!
(or at least pull back the curtains a little)
Before anything else,
to make a copy for yourself.

This doc requires you to install the Google Calendar pack and link the Google calendar of your choice:
Go to the Explore menu in the top right and:
Packs & Import
Google Calendar
under the search window
Private Account
, select your email address
Click the test button below to verify your connection
(if there’s an issue, the resulting error message will give you an alternate means of connecting your account)
Test Calendar Connection

Expand this row to clear doc data
You may want to check out the example sampling events. After that, come back here and click the button below to reset the entire doc. It will delete all sample sets and any recorded sampling events. It will not delete questions.

CAUTION!! Click to Delete All Doc Data
3 Steps to Using this Doc
(5 mins)
identify a sampling period and parameters
e.g., three random samples a day for the next two weeks
(10 mins)
populate your sample set
with the right questions to surface key info
e.g., on a scale of 1 to 5 how anxious do you feel?
what are your thoughts on [x]?
2.5 Be Sampled
(5+ mins/day)
respond to sampling notifications
and answer your questions
e.g., automated Google calendar events
provide sampling links
pull pattern and insight from your samples
e.g., track indicators across months and build a personal profile of the metrics that are most important to you
GO! Flourish!
and begin your journey to self-awareness
If you’re curious to know more about experience sampling and personal knowledge management, check out the links on the

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