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Morning Strategy: Work Design


is a cloud-based software application that combines the best features of documents, spreadsheets and team-based apps.

Why do we love Coda?
A Coda Doc can be a word processor or a database. It can serve customers a knowledge base and fillable forms. And with buttons, drop downs, and other interactive elements, a Doc becomes an app that organizes and automates your work.
Coda’s allows Docs to integrate with a huge and growing number of third party apps. Bring in data from your other software, process it, and send it back.
Docs can be customized from top to bottom, from content to structure.
We build a Doc to meet your team requirements, but once finished, it’s yours to customize as you choose.
This allows a Doc to grow with your team and solve future challenges without abandoning the past.
Easy to use
We strive to strip our Docs down to the essentials on the surface, keeping the machinery working away behind a curtain (that you can open any time you like!)
Our Docs ALWAYS include:
* user-centred interfaces for ease of use
* instructions and documentation to help you understand essential features
* an FAQ section that grows as we build and test the Doc with your team
Coda also offers extensive support and an incredibly active community that answers specific how-to questions.
Coda bills users by Doc makers instead of Doc users, making it extremely cost effective.
An organization of 10 people may only need one paid subscription for the Doc owner, while the other nine users have full functionality, including edit permissions, with just a free account.
Bottom line: this 10-person org would pay less than $500 CAD per year for their subscription.
See Coda’s .

Some Examples We’ve Built

Org Operating System
manage your work from a single source of truth:
org playbook & policies
client scope of work, agreements, dashboards
vendor management, procurement, ordering
OKRs or goals/initiatives tracking
task management, prioritization, time tracking
worker CRM: skills, current capacity for new work, past work assignments, talent development, performance reviews
knowledge management and sharing: issue ID, lessons learned, best practice among consultants
Experience Sampling
track mood, establish rituals, enable learning via spaced repetition

Decentralized Competencies / Talent Management
A system that links work to be done with competencies required and the people in your org who are developing those competencies
identify work, assemble teams, foster worker growth
build worker competency roadmaps to guide learning and identify growth opportunities
structure succession planning around work, competencies, and people

build, schedule, and run inspections of your assets
conduct health & safety inspections of your offices, monthly infrastructure checks, daily vehicle logs, etc.
create and manage work orders for assets that fail inspection
print summaries for your paper records

LUPT - the Land Use Planning Tool
details coming soon

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