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Enhance Competitiveness of Latvian-rooted Ai-powered Businesses
Business: SME and LE Ai integration projects completed
Startups: Number of AI-driven startups established
Funding: Amount of grants and investments in AI-related projects
Workforce: Number of individuals trained in AI skills


Business: SME and LE AI integration projects completed

AI Solution Workshops: Conduct workshops to help SMEs and LEs identify AI opportunities and develop implementation plans.
AI Integration Consulting: Offer consulting services to assist businesses in integrating AI solutions into their operations.
Industry-Academia Collaborations: Facilitate collaborations between businesses and academic institutions for joint AI projects.

Startups: Number of AI-driven startups established

Mentorship and Networking: Provide mentorship opportunities and facilitate networking events for startups to connect with industry experts and potential investors.
Startup Competitions and Grants: Organize AI-focused startup competitions and provide grants to promising AI startup projects.
Incubator and Accelerator Programs: Create and manage programs to support AI-driven startups from ideation to market entry.

Funding: Amount of foreign investment in AI-related projects

Grant Matchmaking: Assist businesses and startups in identifying and applying for local and EU grants.
Investment Matchmaking: Provide matchmaking services to connect AI startups and projects with potential investors.
Investor Roadshows: Organize roadshows and pitch events to showcase Latvian AI projects to foreign investors.
Incentive Programs: Lobby for government incentive programs to attract foreign investment in AI.

Workforce: Number of individuals trained in AI skills

Educational Partnerships: Partner with universities and technical schools to develop and offer AI-focused curricula and courses.
Professional Training Programs: Create and offer professional development programs for reskilling and upskilling workers in AI.
Internship and Apprenticeship Programs: Establish AI internship and apprenticeship opportunities in collaboration with businesses and research institutions.


Establish a EU competence center where AI funding is allocated to projects, rather than being diverted to traditional IT clusters, etc. Similar to how the IT Cluster Association operates.
Advocate for deregulation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (VARAM) and the Ministry of Economics (EM), aiming to perform better than the current efforts by LIKTA (Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association).
Offer services to members for writing EU projects and forming consortia for AI projects in the EU. Later, develop functions similar to Spinverse (Finland) and CERTH (Greece), which gather international consortia with the goal of enhancing the competitiveness of Latvian companies in the AI field.
Provide a fast-track 6-12 month study program for new talents right after high school - a workforce factory for association members.
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