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Brand DNA

To be the top insurance provider for Small to Medium Enterprises in the Philippines.
To launch the Philippines’ first fully-digital SME insurance service in Metro Manila.

Brand Values
The following are the values for the brand identity of The Brand but are not necessarily its official corporate or operational values.
Grounded in empathy for Filipino SMEs
Experts in the field with integrity
Seamless, streamlined, and digital forward

Brand DNA Summary

Why are we here?
To provide uncomplicated insurance to Filipino SMEs
What do we do and how do we do it?
Through a streamlined process that drastically reduces the time and the friction between first proposal and the final agreement.
What makes us different?

We provide medical and property insurance for SMEs between 5-100 customers which is traditionally an underserved sector;
We utilize a semi self-service digital proposal and onboarding platform that’s dramatically faster than traditional insurance onboarding;
We complement the process with traditional agent assistance to help our customers move from point to point in our process.
Who are we here for?
Proactive Filipino SMEs
Small to Medium Enterprises looking to scale and professionalize their businesses further. We help them protect their employees and assets through financial services that are customized to their needs.

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